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Definition of Growth and Development

In today's modern era, all are doing a drudge to achieve two targets considered as most important to be a successful person in life, undoubtedly "Growth and Development."

These two are the factors that are considered the basic building block of one's success in our present society. A successful person is supposed to be more confident, and everyone feels secure in his company; under his aura, there is hope. All these things are the byproduct of Growth and Development. Both "Growth and Development" has their perspective and are completely different from each other; moreover, their parameters and criteria are completely different.

Definition of Growth and Development

What are Growth and Development?

If we discuss "Growth and Development", it is a very vast topic; it covers almost all sectors, whether physical, mental, economic, growth and many more.

A few times back, Humans were no more than a single unit of the cell. From time to time, the human species evolved and became a multicellular organism. As time passes, humans have become what we are today a completely grown-up species whose mind has grown to such an extent that it is now exploring everything around them may, whether it is space, ocean, geography, technology and many more. When a client gets promoted in their organization, his growth in their field is also considered.

A few examples of India's Growth and Development in various sectors are listed below as follows:

  • Technical Sector: India is rapidly moving towards achieving its goal to become the Knowledge and Technical Hub of the world; for this, the government has started various schemes like "Atmanirbhar Bharat" to support or inculcate the feeling of becoming technically self-dependent; there is various project that is made under this initiative may be in defence, agriculture, economic, geological sector. This initiative has boosted the new and creative ideas of youth in India, ultimately resulting in the country's growth and development.
  • Defense Sector: Earlier, India was completely dependent on other countries for improvising its defence services, and for that, we had to import foreign equipment at a very high price range. Moreover, that technology is not modern or advanced because from where we are importing it, that country has already used it in its defence sector. But now the scenario has changed completely, and now this is a new "Bharat" that is evolving day by day; now we are discovering and manufacturing new technology that is ultimately helping our defense forces to get rid of enemies, and few of the latest Equipment made under this initiative are as follows:
    1. 5 KW brushless DC Generating system for LCA Tejas.
    2. 40mm Under Barrel Grenade Launcher.
    3. 3-D Tactical Control Radar.
    4. 3D Surveillance Radar for Indian Navy (Revathi).
    5. 3D Low-Level Weight Radar Aslesha MK 1.
    6. 3D Medium Range Surveillance Radar for Airforce (Rohini).
    7. 2D Low-Level Light Weight Radar (LLLR): BHARANI MK 1.
    8. 155 mm X 52 Cal Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS).
    9. 120 mm Penetration Cum Blast (PCB) AND Thermobaric (TB) Ammunition for MBT Arjun.
    10. 84 mm High-Temperature Suffocating Smoke (HTSS) Ammunition.
    These are a few of the latest inventions designed and manufactured in India.
  • Agricultural Sector: Agriculture is always considered the primary occupation in India, but due to a lack of improvisation and modern technology, we suffered a crisis in India, and ultimately, that affected our Growth and Development because it is impossible to work on an empty stomach, at that time government took various measures for the Growth and Development of Agriculture Sector, at that time research and development team of India was not that much adept at getting rid from such a crisis, so we import the foreign technology along with their modern methods that they follow to get desired results, one such technique is the use of HYV (High Yield Variety) seeds, new chemical pesticides, fertilizers, urea and many other chemical supplements. This was the beginning of the "Green Revolution", and from that time, we were importing new machines and technology from other developed nations like the USA (United States of America), the UK (United Kingdom) and many other countries. Still, we are now discovering our technology that is exported to other nations, including the developed nations.
    A few of the new modern Agricultural Equipment manufactured in India are mentioned as follows:
    1. Tractors like Mahindra, Swaraj, and many more.
    2. Green Leaf Mild Steel Dol Maker Attachment for 7 & 9 HP Diesel Power Tiller, DU, DA, 20211746.
    3. Green Leaf 20-inch 3 Tyne Adjustable Cultivator Attachment for 7 & 9 HP Power Tiller, DU, DA-20211752.
    4. Yuvismart 4.5 ft Hand & 6.5-inch Blade Hoe Weeder.
    5. Neptune 1.2 L & 1.65 Kilo Watt 2 Stroke Petrol Garden Sprayer Tiller Cultivator Rotavator, NC 52 Bottom.
    6. Really Agritech 2 Stroke Trolley Mini Tiller 52 CC RAPL-TH 52 ST01.
    7. Agriculture Mini Power Tiller/ Cultivator/ Weeder.
    8. Premium Quality Earth Auger Machine with 6-inch Bit, 52 CC.
    9. Neptune 2 Stroke 62 CC Heavy Duty Inter Crop Cultivator, NC-62.
    10. Neptune Petrol 52 CC 2 Stroke Garden Sprayer Tiller Cultivator Rotator, NC- 52 Top.

If we keenly observe these facts and examples mentioned above, then it is observed that both these factors, Growth and Development, are completely dependent on each other.

Sometimes What Seems to be "Growth and Development" Need Not be the Same

Sometimes what may be Growth and Development for one may not be the same for another person. Let's understand the statement mentioned above with a few suitable examples.

  • A dam constructed at a river bank is considered the nation's development. Growth in technology will generate electricity and make it available for the common people, specifically in the rural areas, ultimately giving more job opportunities to the people nationwide. Still, the community of people living in that particular place has to lose their habitat and the land where they do farming-related activities. Still, now they have to migrate from their place. It took decades for their family to settle in a new place, and they had to start things from scratch. Moreover, flora and fauna of that region were also got destroyed. In these cases, there is no growth and development for these people.
  • It is often observed in a family that when a girl wants as much freedom as her brother enjoyed in every perspective, may it be regarding taking a solo decision, going out along with her friends, and getting a higher educational qualification, she wants equality with her brother, in this particular case if a girl enjoys as much freedom as her brother this may be developed for her, but at the same time for her brother enjoying the same liberty and freedom as her sister may not be the development, so this statement justifies the fact that what may be "Growth and Development" for one may not be the same for other person or community.
  • When the government starts the initiative to modernize the villagers and tribals, they provide them with wide exposure to modern gadgets and machines that provide comfort and ease. In the beginning, this seems quite interesting and relaxing to the villagers and tribals, but at the same time, this development and growth are vanishing their culture, ritual, and tradition. In this case, what seems to be "Growth and Development" for the villagers and tribals is not exactly what they think.

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