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Setting Data for Descriptive Analysis

In this section, we will learn how we can calculate various shots of Descriptive stats using SPSS. SPSS is a wonderful software when we want to use descriptive analysis apart from the inferences analysis as well in our research. There are many ways through which we can calculate the Descriptive analysis in SPSS. Currently, we don't have any data. So first, we will import any data set in SPSS so that we can demonstrate how to use descriptive analysis. To import a new data set, we will go to the File menu, and then we can see many data set open here earlier. One of the data set is the diabetes_costs data set, as shown below:

Setting Data for Descriptive Analysis

It is a comparative new data set and less use. So we will use this data set. Click on this data set to open it. The following details will be open after click on this:

Setting Data for Descriptive Analysis

This is our data set that currently we are going to use for the demonstration purpose for calculating various sorts of descriptive stats. This data set contains the age of the subject, glucose level, income, and the treatment cost. So it is about calculating the treatment cost of the subject based on the age, glucose level, and the income of the subject. So we can use this for various sorts of descriptive stats.

Descriptive stats can be useful in communicating the overall picture of our data set. For example, we might wish to communicate with someone and want to find the average age of the subject analyzed in this data set and the percentage of the subjects below a particular age. For example, suppose we want to communicate that what percentage of subjects in this data set below 52 years or 60 years or any number of years. For this, we need to take the help of percentiles. If we need to communicate the average age of the subject, in that case, we wish to talk about the mean score, average scores. Then there are median, modes, etc.

We have a glucose level, income. So again, we might be interested in what is the average income of the subjects which are there in the data set and what is the treatment cost.

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