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What is the full form of DGP

DGP : Director General of Police

DGP stands for Director General of Police. The person who holds this designation is the highest ranking police officer in a state or union territory of India. So, he or she is the head of state or UT police force. There can be only one or more such police officers in a state based on various factors. DGP is responsible for the administration of the police throughout the state.

DGP Full Form

Director General of Police is appointed by the Cabinet of Indian Police Services and he or she holds a three star rank. DGP has the powers to supervise and check the functioning of his or her department and disciplinary authority. DGP is not a posting rather it is the highest rank in the State Police Hierarchy. A DGP is not required to report to the Commissioner of Police. Besides this, only an IPS officer can become the DGP through promotion. To become an IPS officer, a person has to clear the UPSC exam.

Furthermore, in 2019, the Supreme Court of India said that the senior police officers with a residual tenure of 6 months before their specified retirement can be promoted to the post of DGP. The current director general of police of Uttar Pradesh as of June 2020 is Hitesth Chandra Awasthi.

Functions, roles and duties of DIG or Superior Police Officers:

  • He serves as adviser to Government of the state related to matters of Police force administration.
  • He is responsible for the training and discipline of the force and thus to ensure law and order and discharge of duties by the police department.
  • DIG is authorized to make rules as per Police Act. He may issue orders with the prior approval of the government.
  • He directs operations during strikes, riots, industrial disputes. Such operations remains under the direction and control of a DGP.
  • He may deploy the reserve police forces during serious law and order problems.
  • He informs the chief minister of state and other concerned officers about his official tours or visits.

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