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Dhaakad Movie Review

Dhaakad is an Indian Hindi-language action film directed by Razneesh Ghai and produced by Deepak Mukut and Sohel Maklai. The film's lead actors include Kangana Ranaut, Arjun Rampal, Saswata Chatterjee, and Divya Dutta. It is a 2022 film released in theatres on May 20, 2022. This movie is released under the production houses of Sohum Rockstar Entertainment, Sohel Maklai Productions, and Asylum Films. The dialogues of the movie are penned down by Ritesh Shah.

This movie displays the story of a highly skilled field agent, Agni, who has been assigned a mission to eliminate and destroy guns and human trafficker Rudraveer. This movie barely made 3.77 crores globally and ended up becoming one of the biggest box office flops in Indian Cinema.

Dhaakad Movie Review

Cast of the Movie

  • Kangana Ranaut as Agent Agni
  • Arjun Rampal as Rudraveer
  • Divya Dutta as Rohini
  • Saswata Chatterjee as Handler
  • Siddhant Shukla as Traitor
  • Mihir Ahuja as young Rudraveer
  • Sejal Jaiswal as Agni's Mother

Story of the Movie: Dhaakad

Agent Agni is an officer of the International Task Force (ITF), and when it comes to fighting terrorists and criminals, she is a merciless agent. Since she was a little child, Agni has lived as an orphan. A murderer murdered her parents. She was adopted and raised by an ITF officer.

Agni, also known as Dragonfly, is sent to Budapest to complete the assigned mission to learn more about a human and weapons trafficking racket and to rescue a group of trafficked girls. According to her study, the major organizers or masterminds of the racket are Rudraveer and his partner Rohini, who is also his girlfriend. The mysterious Rudraveer runs his operations out of the Sohagpur Coal Fields close to Bhopal in India.

Despite her initial unwillingness because her parents passed away in India, Agni moves forward and agrees to fly to India to capture Rudraveer at the request of her mentor or spy head, Ringmaster. Rudraveer has been hidden from the general public spotlight for a while.

Rudraveer and Rohini continue to create chaos with their violent crimes and illegal activities. Agni, on the other hand, transforms into a murderous machine in a matter of seconds, releasing fire, slashing, and leaving a massive number of dead people in her way. Despite losing her teammate, code-named Seagull, in a terrorist attack, Agni succeeds in her mission.

Movie Review

In addition to delivering an outstanding performance, Kangana Ranaut is an expert at action scenes. She plays a fearless and brave field officer for the imagined International Task Force of the Indian government. Her mission is to stop a global human trafficking ring rooted in central India's coal mines. Her duties include identifying these individuals and getting rid of them. While playing this fierce cop who frequently breaks protocol, Kangana Ranaut gets all rough and dirty. An action-oriented, raw version of a character like her is uncommon in Bollywood or Indian cinema. Her ability, adaptability, and dedication to developing an appealing character for herself are all incredibly noticeable and admirable.

Divya Dutta provides strong support to the narrative by elevating the original written material in an interesting way. Arjun Rampal promotes himself as Rudraveer, a scary and evil character. He clearly made an attempt to play the role of a villain.

A good action series is important for an action movie, but it's not the only one. The movie would have been better with a more robust script. It needed a compelling story and a stronger screenplay, which would have justified the action sequences and the characters introduced into this fictional world. Overall, it would have been amazing if the story had been as compelling as the great action and superb visuals.

Despite his best efforts, the film falls short of the director's intention to make a woman-led action film without any romantic scenes. The writing seems illogical. Even though Ritesh Shah's dialogue was serious and powerful, it didn't produce the expected effect. The movie has too much action, and some plot ideas and action are lifted from Hollywood productions. Because there is no room for comedy or drama, it doesn't offer a well-rounded interacting experience. The major flaw of the director is his lack of audience explanations, i.e., he needs to explain various things to the audience in the movie. The story takes an unexpected turn at the climax, but viewers never learn about the reason that resulted in the climax. So, many questions still need to be answered.

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