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Dharavi Bank Review


Genre- Crime, Drama

Written by - Sarthak Dasgupta, Seneca Mendonsa

Directed by- Samit Kakkad

Creative director- Gautam Arya

Starring- Suniel Shetty, Vivek Oberoi, Sonali Kulkarni

Producer- Zee Studios

Cinematography- Vijay Mishra

Editor- Isam Shaikh

Streaming started on- MX Player

Released on- November 19, 2022

Dharavi Bank Review


The movie Dharavi Bank, which debuted on MX Player on November 19, 2022, is about the namesake criminal organization, which is managed out of the Dharavi slums in Mumbai by Thalaivan (Suniel Shetty), a guy who is both strong and dangerous. He is a parallel government with Bollywood stars and politicians in his pocket.

Dharavi Bank is shot in Mumbai's slum district of Dharavi, India's largest slum. Thalaivan, a crook with a more than 30,000-crore enterprise, is shown in the series. Thalaivan has a stronghold over Dharavi because of his power, riches, and strength. The popularity of Thalavian poses a challenge to the administration, which forces Sonali Kulkarni as Janvi Surve, the chief minister, to come up with a comprehensive strategy to take him down. In a desperate attempt to keep her position of power, the Chief Minister approves an attack on Thalavian's domain. She enlists the help of Joint Commissioner Vivek Anand Oberoi as Jayant Gavaskar for the mission. In addition to his duties as a professional, Jayant seems to be opposing Thalavian for personal reasons. Suniel Shetty & Vivek Oberoi try their best, but the movie is only old wine in a new bottle.


It would be quicker to start with the positives. The Dharvi Bank performs two things correctly. The background score, especially the title song, is catchy and establishes the atmosphere well. Another thing it does well is the characters' level of performance. It was so well.

Dharavi Bank is a complicated story of politics, corruption, crime, and vengeance. Due to the excellent performances by the actors, the Suniel Shetty-starring film distinguishes out from other crime thrillers. Rajinikanth, a significant figure in the South, is comparable to Shetty as Thalaivan. With his first OTT series, Suniel Shetty returns to acting. As Thalaivan, Dharavi's ruthless and violent leader, the actor demonstrates that he is here to remain this time. He does a fantastic job capturing his role, from his grave expression to his superb line delivery. Suniel Shetty enjoyed enormous popularity and was appreciated for his action sequences in the 1990s & 2000s. It's nice to see him back in a role after a long sabbatical since he chose to play a Thalaivan, a part that matches his age and physical characteristics.

Although Vivek Oberoi has previously portrayed a police officer, his change for this character is commendable. In the series, the politician Janvi Surve. She does a wonderful job of portraying her with the adaptability of her own behaviors. The web-based series is dramatic, and the graphic violence heightens the suspense.

The 10-episode series keeps viewers interested since each episode concludes on a cliffhanger. Samit Kakkad, the director, contrasted the grandeur of Mumbai's skyscrapers, five-star hotels, and farmhouses with the squalor of Dharavi. Dharavi Bank highlights politics' dark side and its close ties to organized crime.

A few strong female characters in the series take charge of their lives and those around them. I appreciate how the filmmaker didn't simply concentrate on the leads but also gave the supporting characters adequate screen time. The abundance of flashback scenes allows the spectator to grasp the characters' psyches better. It is not simply one story but rather several subplots connected into one.

But does that hold the audience's interest long enough? Although the cast of Dharavi Bank is fantastic and excels in their roles, the movie's story ruined it. There are several other B-town movies and online series with similar backstories. It's a convoluted story, as has already been mentioned, but the turns are predictable. The show doesn't provide anything fresh, and after a few episodes, things start to deteriorate.

Overall, if you like Suniel Shetty and Vivek Oberoi, you'll appreciate the series, but it's an old story for the rest of us. Although some excellent performers are available, the film does not use their abilities. Suniel Shetty provides his inherent charming screen presence and swagger, but the movie forces him to wear prosthetics that hide his facial emotions and a horrible Tamil accent. Vivek Oberoi, who has portrayed complex characters in several movies, is forced to play the stereotypical vindictive officer, leaving him with little scope for creativity.

Some people, particularly those who enjoy classic mafia dramas with extreme action, would enjoy Dharavi Bank. But the movie lacks a vintage feel and is too outdated. In order to build suspense and keep viewers interested for the second season, the series finishes on a cliffhanger.


The first two 10 episodes are theatrical, challenging, and captivating. Later, the show steadily starts to decline, and you start to lose interest.

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