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Difference between C# and ASP.NET

In this article, we will discuss the difference between C# and ASP.NET. But before discussing their differences, we must know about the C# and ASP.NET.

What is C# Programming Language?

The object-oriented programming language C#, is also called C sharp. It is used to create various programs for Windows, mobile, and gaming platforms. It is a contemporary language that is type-safe, has an easy-to-learn syntax, and offers functions like garbage collection and automatic memory management. Using C#, the following apps can be created:

  • Desktop applications
  • Game development
  • Mobile application development
  • Web development
  • Database Programming

What is ASP.NET?

A web application framework called ASP.NET. It is free and used to create dynamic websites and web apps. It enables features that improve an application's security, such as integrated authorization and authentication. It offers an array of libraries and frameworks to streamline the development process and is compatible with several programming languages, including C#. Using ASP.NET, the following applications can be created:

  • E-commerce applications
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Enterprise applications
  • Web services
  • Cloud applications

Distinctions between C# and ASP.NET:

Two separate but closely linked web development technologies are C# and ASP.NET. Let's examine the specific distinctions between ASP.NET and C#:

Objective and Nature:

  • C#: C# is a general-purpose programming language, which is pronounced "C sharp". The C# object-oriented programming language is developed by Microsoft. It is employed in developing numerous applications for the desktop, web, mobile, cloud, gaming, and Internet of Things.
  • NET: ASP.NET is a web development framework that is built upon the .NET framework. It offers a collection of resources and libraries for creating dynamic websites and services.

Framework vs. Language:

  • C# is a computer language that offers functionality and syntax for creating applications.
  • NET is a web development framework compatible with C# and other languages. Writing ASP.NET apps in C#, VB.NET, or F# is possible.

Kind of Applications:

  • C#: It is not just used for web development but also for several applications. It may be utilized to create backend services, mobile apps, Windows programs, and more.
  • NET: It is mainly used to create APIs, online services, and web applications.

ASP.NET Web Development:

  • C#: Server-side logic regarding web development is frequently implemented in C#.
  • NET: It is a web application development server-side technology. It offers several components to simplify web development, including MVC (Model-View-Controller), Web Forms, and Web API.

Technologies and Components:

  • C#: It highlights the features of the programming language itself.
  • NET: This framework includes several technologies and components used to construct web applications using different paradigms. These include ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core, and ASP.NET Web API.

Setting for Execution:

  • C#: The Common Language Runtime (CLR), a component of the.NET framework, is used to run C# code.
  • NET: Client-side code, such as HTML, is generated by code written in C# and runs on the server before being delivered to the client's browser.

Model of Development:

  • C#: Depending on the kind of application, this language is typically used to write code that runs on the client or server.
  • NET: It is dedicated to web application server-side development, request processing, and response generation.

Head-to-Head Comparison between C# and ASP.NET:

Difference between C# and ASP.NET

Some main differences between C# and ASP.NET are as follows:

Feature C# (C-Sharp) ASP.NET
Definition C# is a programming language. ASP.NET is a web development framework.
Developed by It was created by Microsoft. It was created by Microsoft.
Platform .NET Core, .NET Framework, Xamarin. .NET Core, .NET Framework.
Code Execution Compiled Compiled and interpreted (server-side).
Application Type It is mainly utilized to create mobile, desktop, console, and web applications. It is mainly utilized for web applications and dynamic web pages.
Performance It relies on the application. It is optimized for web applications.
Libraries It has access to .NET libraries such as System.IO, Windows Forms, and Standard Library. It has access to .NET libraries and web-specific libraries.
Security It offers standard .NET security features, including Code access security, Exception handling, and Garbage collection. It offers additional web security features, including authorization and built-in authentication.
Operating System It is supported by Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is supported by Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS.


In summary, ASP.NET is a web development framework that contains tools and modules for creating online applications using programming languages like C#, while C# is a programming language used for a variety of applications kinds. Developers frequently use C# and ASP.NET to build dependable and scalable web applications.

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