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Difference between Software and Algorithm

What is Software?

Software is a piece of code written for the computer system by which the user can easily communicate with computer hardware and manage the system. Software is a set of instructions written for some specific purpose to perform a specific task. Computers completely depend upon hardware and software, and we cannot operate any computer system without software.

Majorly there are two types of software: System software and Application Software.

System software

System software is a piece of code that is designed to manage the computer hardware and its peripheral devices like monitors, printers, and storage devices.

Application software

Application software is a set of programs designed for specific tasks like business purposes, educational purposes, etc. For example, many applications we see on the play store or the app store are examples of application software.

The other category of software is malicious software.

Malicious software

These are the software that are developed for the purpose of harming any computer system. Cybercriminals use this software to steal important data or destroy anybody's computer system.

What is an Algorithm?

The algorithm is a sequence of instructions or procedures which is written to solve for computation purposes or to solve any complex problem. An algorithm takes some inputs and produces some output representing the solution to the problem in some finite amount of time and space. An algorithm can be implemented in any programming language and used in the computer system. We can represent any algorithm using blocks which are also called flow charts.

There are various types of algorithms:

Brute-force Algorithm

To determine the solution to any problem, the simplest and most direct (naive) approach is called the brute-force algorithm. It is not efficient in terms of time and space complexity.

Recursive Algorithm

To solve a big problem, we divide the problem into many small subproblems, and each part is solved recursively. This approach is called recursion.

Backtracking Algorithm

To solve big problems, we divide them into small sub-problems, and each sub-problem has many directions. If our solution fails in any direction, then we backtrack from that recursive call and try for another direction.

Searching Algorithms

Searching algorithms are used to find out some specific value or element in a given data structure. There can be various types like binary search, linear search, etc.

Sorting Algorithms

Sorting means arranging or reordering the elements in some particular order. Those algorithms which are used to sort the data structure are called sorting algorithms. For example, insertion sort, selection sort, merges sort, radix sort, etc.

Euclid's Algorithm

This algorithm is used to find out the greatest common division (GCD) of two numbers. So, it takes two integers as input and returns one integer as output which represents the GCD of these two input numbers.

Difference between Software and Algorithm

Software Algorithm
Software is a part of the program or information which is utilized by the operating system in a computer system. Algorithms are some ordered lines of procedures that are used to find out the solution or used for some calculations.
There is more time required to create or develop software. Algorithm creation takes very less time than software development.
Software is generally designed according to customer needs. Algorithms are designed to solve any complex problem in an optimal way.
The software contains a list or set of rules, data, and instructions. Algorithms have different ways of solving any complex problem.
Software is specified with portability, reliability, efficiency, usability, etc. Algorithms contain the features like faster, feasible, easy to grasp, unambiguous, precision, etc.
The software works upon the benefits like improving data security, increasing productivity, increasing customer service, etc. Algorithms have benefits like easy-to-understand logic, easy identification of errors, easy to development, etc.
Software understanding and creation are very difficult. Algorithm understanding and creation are very easier than software.
Software design and its analysis is a very important task because, with actual code, we fulfill the user's needs into reality. Design and analysis of algorithms are necessary to solve any complex problem in an optimal way and easily in a computer system.
Examples of software available in a computer system are one note, Microsoft office, Google chrome, adobe reader, Google maps, etc. Examples of algorithms are searching algorithms, recursive algorithms, shortest path algorithms, Dijkstra algorithm, etc.

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