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Difference Between Teaspoon and Tablespoon

In the kitchen of every house, there are heaps of silverware. The sets of forks, spoons, and knives used to dine with are known as cutlery. There are two separate spoons in the category of cutlery: teaspoons and tablespoons.

A tablespoon is significantly larger than a teaspoon and can carry up to 15 ml, or 1/2 fl oz, compared to a teaspoon's maximum capacity of 5 ml, or 0.16 fl oz. Because of this, each has a unique use. Their sizes make up the majority of the variance between the two.

The difference in size between the two spoons-the teaspoon being smaller and the tablespoon being larger-is the simplest method to tell them apart. Of course, the soup spoon, dessert spoon, etc. are not included in this.

Difference Between Teaspoon and Tablespoon

Except in cases when a coffee spoon is included, the teaspoon is typically the smallest spoon in a standard dining set. As implied by its name, tea is its main application. It is the spoon used to mix and add sugar to hot beverages like tea, coffee, and others. If there isn't a dessert spoon, some items, including dessert, can also be eaten using teaspoons.

History of Spoons

Knives and spoons both have a long history. The hypothesis that the usage of spoons dates back to the ancient period is backed up by substantial pieces of evidence. The materials used to make spoons in ancient civilizations were ivory, gold, silver, bone, wood, and rock.

The usage of spoons dates back thousands of years, to Egypt, India, and China, according to several ancient documents and scripts. Every century brings forth a number of different design changes. Yet, the contemporary spoon has a short, elliptical bowl that ends in a spherical handle. Only in the 1700s was the modern spoon design developed, and within a few decades they had gained widespread popularity.

Since they made it simpler for people to prepare, serve, and consume many types of food, humans invented tools like spoons. They designed 50 distinct spoons, each used for a certain purpose, such as eating or preparing meals. The handle and the bowl are the primary two parts of a spoon. The spoon's bowl, which is hollow and used to contain whatever is being carried, is held in place by the handle.

Types of Spoons

Given that they serve varied purposes, spoons come in a variety of styles, dimensions, and forms. For different products, for baking, and for measuring, there is always the appropriate kind of spoon. Despite the fact that there are many distinct spoon kinds with various functions, we will just mention a few here. The most well-known are: Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Sugar Spoon, Dessert Spoon, Beverage Spoon, Coffee Spoon, Serving Spoon.


Difference Between Teaspoon and Tablespoon

It was during the Renaissance when tablespoons were first invented. A big spoon for serving or consuming food is called a tablespoon. As a volume measurement in cooking, for instance. In every recipe book, it is the most crucial step in cooking.

A tablespoon represents 15 ml. Moreover, it is equivalent to 3 teaspoons, 1/16th of a cup, and 1/2 fluid ounce. Nevertheless, some Australian measures say that a tablespoon is equivalent to 20 milliliters (ml), or four teaspoons, which is a little more than the 15 ml that the US considers to be the norm.

One tablespoon roughly equates to one standard big dinner spoon. A typical tablespoon has between 6 and 9 grams of dry matter. The weight of any material is not accurately measured when it is taken by the tablespoon. Moreover, liquid substances are measured using it. We frequently utilize teaspoons in our daily lives. It is the most important component of our cutlery. It is the most typical and widely used home item.

Difference Between Teaspoon and Tablespoon

Large quantities of tablespoons are produced using stamping machines. This particular spoon is made to select the proper serving size of food. We typically serve meals with this spoon, including soup, cereal, and other foods. Nowadays wealthy families have personal tablespoons for each member. The term tablespoon is occasionally used in cookbooks as tbsp.


The teaspoon is one of the lesser varieties of spoons in the group of spoons. When tea overtook all other beverages in popularity, the term "teaspoon" first appeared during the British Colonial Empire.

Around 2ml may fit in a teaspoon, which is a smaller spoon. Typically, a teaspoon has a volume of 2.0 to 7.3 ml. A typical teaspoon has 2 to 3 grams of dry mass. However it is equivalent to 1/3 of a tablespoon when used as a measuring tool in the kitchen. 1 fluid ounce equals 6 teaspoons in American measures, whereas a third of a cup equals 16 teaspoons. The word "teaspoon" may be shortened to "tsp" in cookbooks.

Difference Between Teaspoon and Tablespoon

Typically, teaspoons are used for consuming various dishes, adding and combining sugar, stirring hot beverages like tea or coffee, and (ex: yogurt, cakes, ice-creams, etc.). As a common method of measuring liquid medications, people use teaspoons. Usually oval but occasionally circular, a teaspoon's head is made of porcelain. Moreover, tea sets frequently include teaspoons.

Difference Between Teaspoon and Tablespoon

Teaspoons come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including dessert spoons (slightly bigger than a teaspoon), bar spoons (the same size as a teaspoon), coffee spoons (smaller than a teaspoon), orange or grapefruit spoons, and iced tea spoons (they have long handles and are used in eating ice cream).

Conversion Table

This is a conversion chart. For baking and cooking, these measurements are critical.

Tablespoon Teaspoon Cup US Fluid OZ Milliliters
1 tablespoon 3 teaspoons 1/16th cup ½ oz. 15 ml
2 tablespoon 6 teaspoons 1/8th cup 1 oz. 30 ml
4 tablespoon 12 teaspoons 1/4th cup 2 oz. 59.15 ml
8 tablespoon 24 teaspoons 1/2th cup 4 oz. 118.29 ml
12 tablespoon 36 teaspoons 3/4th cup 6 oz. 177 ml
16 tablespoon 48 teaspoons 1 cup 8 oz. 237 ml

Difference Between Teaspoon and Tablespoon

Tablespoon vs. Teaspoon: What Are the Differences

  • The size is the main distinction between a teaspoon and a tablespoon. In comparison to a teaspoon, a tablespoon is larger in size.
  • The teaspoon was created during the British colonial period, whereas tablespoons were created during the Renaissance.
  • A teaspoon is a piece of silverware that is used to mix sugar into drinks like tea and coffee, whereas a tablespoon is a piece of cutlery that is best suited for eating.
  • "Tsp" is a common abbreviation for a teaspoon in measurements, whereas "tbsp" stands for measurement per tablespoon
    Difference Between Teaspoon and Tablespoon
  • A teaspoon has a capacity of 5 ml, whereas a tablespoon has a volume of 15 ml, which is three times larger.
  • These spoons may be used for a variety of purposes. The teaspoon is used, for instance, to measure tiny or insignificant amounts of things like salt, sugar, spices, and herbs as well as to mix liquids. Tablespoons are often used for dining and serve as serving spoons.
  • 5 to 4.5 inches is the range for the standard length of a teaspoon, whereas 5 to 6 inches is the range for the standard longitudinal dimension of a tablespoon.

Comparison Between Teaspoon and Tablespoon

Difference Between Teaspoon and Tablespoon
Basis of Comparison Teaspoon Tablespoon
Abbreviation Tsp, or tspn Tbsp
Definition A little spoon generally used for consuming specific dishes, stirring hot beverages, and adding sugar. A big spoon used to serve meals.
Size Smaller Larger
Quantity 5 millilitres 15 millilitres
Use Typically used for serving or eating cereals or other foods. Typically used for stirring hot beverages or adding sugar.

In A Nutshell

Why is it crucial to understand the distinction between a tablespoon and a teaspoon? While they are both very modest units of measurement, a tablespoon is three times bigger than a teaspoon!

Getting all the proportions correct is essential when following a recipe, specifically if you're baking, otherwise your finished product may turn out poorly. Using the incorrect measuring spoon by accident might lead to an overly salty meal or a lacklustre dessert.

Difference Between Teaspoon and Tablespoon

Tablespoons are used to serve and eat various types of food, such as cereal, whereas teaspoons are used to mix hot beverages, such as tea or coffee, and to add sugar. A teaspoon holds 5ml, compared to a tablespoon's around 15ml capacity.

As a result, three teaspoons are really equivalent to one tablespoon. This is mostly how a tablespoon and a teaspoon differ from one another.

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