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XQuery vs XPath

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1) XQuery is a functional programming and query language that is used to query a group of XML data. XPath is a xml path language that is used to select nodes from an xml document using queries.
2) XQuery is used to extract and manipulate data from either xml documents or relational databases and ms office documents that support an xml data source. XPath is used to compute values like strings, numbers and boolean types from another xml documents.
3) xquery is represented in the form of a tree model with seven nodes, namely processing instructions, elements, document nodes, attributes, namespaces, text nodes, and comments. xpath is represented as tree structure, navigate it by selecting different nodes.
4) xquery supports xpath and extended relational models. xpath is still a component of query language.
xquery language helps to create syntax for new xml documents.
xpath was created to define a common syntax and behavior model for xpointer and xslt.
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