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Digital Marketing Definition

In today's fast-moving world, various jobs are available in our society. At the same time, various jobs are now eradicated from our society just because of modernization and due to the exposure to the latest technology; one such example of a new type of job that is ruling in the market is Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing, Email Marketing, Bulk SMS, Display or Mobile ADS, Social Media Marketing, Video Advertising, and Influencer Marketing.

All these jobs come under the Digital Marketing category, influencing the market. In this article, we discuss "What is Digital Marketing"? the new opportunity it gives people, and various other aspects.

Digital Marketing Definition

What is Digital Marketing?

As the name indicates that it is a type of Marketing, and marketing is not a new concept in our society because if a shopkeeper wants to sell a product, then it is obvious that they have to tell its quality, its benefits in day-to-day life, its uniqueness, and mainly its need in our life. All these types of things come under the category of marketing. Still, there is a need for improvement in this type of physical marketing because a person is giving their hundred percent to satisfy their customer. Each time a new customer arrives at the shop, that shopkeeper is bound to give their best, again and again, each time; this is a very time-consuming concept, and most of the time, customers don't want to purchase the product. They want to know about this.

Digital Marketing is a unique and mind-blowing concept because everyone nowadays uses the internet, and it provides a strong plot to it. But things were different from the start because, initially, when CSNL introduced this idea in 1995, the company launched its internet service in India, but at that time, this new concept didn't reach the maximum number of people because of the lack of internet availability in India; according to a survey, only 0.6 percent of the country's total population was using the internet until 2020.

The moment internet became accessible to all the people in India, "Digital Marketing" enjoyed a rapid boost in its growth. Everyone uses mobile phones, tablets, and laptops in today's fast-moving world. Everyone is connected to the internet, so while surfing the internet, we come across various digital advertisements. Those advertisements are regarding electronic gadgets, online courses, gadgets, and many more, digital advertisements are promoting those things, and hence through this platform, they get a large number of the crowd that interacts with them, unlike traditional marketing. Moreover, digital marketing is far cheaper than the traditional method of marketing.

Different Types of Digital Marketing

Various types of Marketing come under the category of "Digital Marketing" few of them are as follows:

  1. Content Marketing: As the name signifies meaning that in this particular type of marketing, the promotion of a particular product of the brand is done by writing or sharing the content of the specific product; the company or the brand appoints whosoever to reach the audience by sharing the information regarding the product, and the sole purpose of this type of marketing is to share the details of their product is such a way that the customer will go through the official web page or website of the brand.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: In this type of marketing, the person or the group of people involved in this type of marketing gets a commission or cut from the sales of the brand or the company. Usually, this type of marketing is done by emerging brands or companies because, at their initial stage, they can't hire a good Marketing team. In "Affiliate Marketing," the client is convinced to download certain web applications or buy a specific company product, and in return, they get cut from their sales. Moreover, this is a performance-based advertising platform. Analytics and data-driven performance do the entire work of advertising, the audience easily gets connected through public figures and influencers, and cost-effectiveness is one of the major advantages.
  3. Email Marketing: In this type of marketing, an official email is sent to the business organization or to the consumer in which the detail of the specific product is mentioned so that the consumer gets a full idea of the product and then he can make up his mind to visit the official web page or website of the company or the brand, in "Email Marketing" they didn't send a random email to the consumer rather than this they keenly observe the daily browser activity of the user the web pages or the websites they usually encounter with and the things or the category that he usually searches or browses over the internet, based over this activity the brand or the company get to know about its interest and then they send him the emails regarding their products.
    There are various categories or types of Email Marketing, but we need to discuss that in this article.
  4. Social Media Marketing: As the name signifies its meaning, this type of marketing uses various social media platforms where millions of active users use that application daily. In "Social Media Marketing," the company or the brand produces fashion influencers, fitness models, cooking influencers, and many other types of people from various categories to promote their brand and product. Nowadays, this is the most famous category of Digital Marketing because when people see their favorite influencers using a specific brand product, they feel fascinated by it and want to use that. Social media influencers get a nice package from companies and brands to boost their products' sales. Social Media Marketing also reduces the cost of hiring expensive actors and celebrities. A few other benefits of Social Media Marketing are that it gives more traffic, Virality, Brand Awareness, Global Reach, and Visibility; the customer support service in this is adequate compared to other types of marketing.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

  • Unlike the traditional marketing method, the shopkeepers or the online retailers and dealers got a large crowd continuously coming across their product.
  • Brands are reaching a large audience by spending a nominal amount on their advertisement, unlike the old days when they have to hire a celebrity or a public figure to promote their product and then publish it in newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets.
  • It reduces the overall cost spent on branding and promoting brand articles.
  • "Digital Marketing" contributes to generating new job opportunities for people; almost every brand or company has a separate marketing team whose main aim is to present its newly launched product to a large audience using a different type of Digital Marketing.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

As Digital Marketing has various benefits and advantages, but at the same time, there are many loopholes in it few of them are as follows:

  • It has been observed in many cases that there are various advertisements for some specific products that are not supposed to be bearable for kids and children, and it teaches bad habits in the children.
  • In many cases, this usually came that the consumer becomes the victim of fake brands and websites, and they have to suffer from mental and financial loss and difficulty at that time.
  • As things get digitalized, it increases the working time and screen time of employees and consumers, a sort of addictive habit.
  • Many cyber-attacks occur using the methods of digital marketing.

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