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Dithering is a technique to convert a grayscale image to black and white. It is used to create an illusion of the color which is actually not present. Dithering is done by randomly arranging the pixels.

Dither is applied in the form of noise to prevent quantization error.

Dither is commonly used in the processing of both digital audio and video data. It is the last stage of mastering audio to a CD.

Below image have different levels of dithering.

DIP Dithering
DIP Dithering

There are three types of dithering methods:

  1. Random dither
  2. Ordered dither
  3. Error diffusion dither

Random dither

In random dither, errors appear as a noise.

DIP Dithering
DIP Dithering
DIP Dithering

Ordered dither

In ordered dither, error occurs randomly in the form of pseudo.

DIP Dithering

Error diffusion dither

In error diffusion dither, error occurs over in the neighbor pixel.

DIP Dithering
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