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Create CSV with Django

Django uses Python's built-in CSV library to create Dynamic CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. We can use this library in our project's view file.

Let's see an example, here we have a Django project to which we are implementing this feature. A view function getfile() is created.

Django CSV Example

In this example, we are creating CSV using static data.



Provide url for the function.

While executing to the browser, it renders a CSV file. See the example.

create csv with django csv example

Apart from static data, we can get CSV from the database too. See, the following example in which we are getting data from the table by using the Employee model.

Dynamic CSV using Database



create csv with django dynamic csv using database

Save the file and open into the text editor that contains the following data.

create csv with django dynamic csv using database 1

This data is retrieved from the table employee, a snapshot of the table is shown below.

create csv with django dynamic csv using database 2

Well, we have seen that this library is very useful to create a dynamic CSV file. Now, implement it into Django project when required.

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