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Django File Upload

File upload to the server using Django is a very easy task. Django provides built-in library and methods that help to upload a file to the server.

The forms.FileField() method is used to create a file input and submit the file to the server. While working with files, make sure the HTML form tag contains enctype="multipart/form-data" property.

Let's see an example of uploading a file to the server. This example contains the following files.

Template (index.html)

It will create an HTML form which contains a file input component.

Form (

View (

Here, one extra parameter request.FILES is required in the constructor. This argument contains the uploaded file instance.

Specify URL (

Upload Script (

This function is used to read the uploaded file and store at provided location. Put this code into the file. But first create this file into the project.

Now, create a directory upload to store the uploaded file. Our project structure looks like below.

django file upload

Initially, this directory is empty. so, let's upload a file to it and later on it will contain the uploaded file.

Start Server


django file upload 1

Submit this form and see the upload folder. Now, it contains the uploaded file.

django file upload 2

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