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Docker Cloud

Docker provides us the facility to store and fetch docker images on the cloud registry. We can store dockerized images either privately or publicly. It is a full GUI interface that allows us to manage builds, images, swarms, nodes and apps.

We need to have Docker ID to access and control images. If we don't have, create it first.

Here, in the following screenshot, we have logged in to Docker cloud. It shows a welcome page.

Docker Cloud 1

In the left panel, we can see that it provides lots of functionalities that we use on the cloud. Apart from all these, let's create a repository first.

Creating Repository

To create Docker cloud repository, click on the create repository +button available on the welcome page at the bottom.

Docker Cloud 2

After clicking, it displays a form to enter the name of the repository. The page looks looks like the following.

Docker Cloud 3

It asks for the repository name to create a new one. The following screen-shot show the description.

Docker Cloud 4

After filling the details, we should make this repository public. Now, just click on the create button at the bottom. It will create repository for us.

Docker Cloud 5

So, we can see that it provides the other tools also to manage and control Docker cloud.

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