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Docker Features

Although Docker provides lots of features, we are listing some major features which are given below.

  • Easy and Faster Configuration
  • Increase productivity
  • Application Isolation
  • Swarm
  • Routing Mesh
  • Services
  • Security Management

Easy and Faster Configuration

This is a key feature of docker that helps us to configure the system easily and faster.

We can deploy our code in less time and effort. As Docker can be used in a wide variety of environments, the requirements of the infrastructure are no longer linked with the environment of the application.

Increase productivity

By easing technical configuration and rapid deployment of application. No doubt it has increase productivity. Docker not only helps to execute the application in isolated environment but also it has reduced the resources.

Application Isolation

It provides containers that are used to run applications in isolation environment. Each container is independent to another and allows us to execute any kind of application.


It is a clustering and scheduling tool for Docker containers. Swarm uses the Docker API as its front end, which helps us to use various tools to control it. It also helps us to control a cluster of Docker hosts as a single virtual host. It's a self-organizing group of engines that is used to enable pluggable backends.

Routing Mesh

It routes the incoming requests for published ports on available nodes to an active container. This feature enables the connection even if there is no task is running on the node.


Services is a list of tasks that lets us specify the state of the container inside a cluster. Each task represents one instance of a container that should be running and Swarm schedules them across nodes.

Security Management

It allows us to save secrets into the swarm itself and then choose to give services access to certain secrets.

It includes some important commands to the engine like secret inspect, secret create etc.

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