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Docker Python Application Example

To run python application in docker, we need to create Dockerfile. This application involves the following steps.

  1. Create a directory.
  2. Docker Python application 1
  3. Enter into Directory
  4. Docker Python application 2
  5. Create Dockerfile
  6. It is require to create Docker image. It contains instructions that are read by Docker.

    // Dockerfile

  7. Create a Python file
  8. Create a python file to execute in the Docker container.


  9. Create Docker Image
  10. To create Docker image of this python application, we need to use the following Docker command.

    Docker Python application 3
  11. Check the available Docker images
  12. We can see all the available Docker images by the following command.

    Docker Python application 4
  13. Run Docker
  14. After creating docker image, now we can run it by using the following command.

    Docker Python application 5

    The above command runs the Docker images and executes the python file. After executing, it produces the output which is shown in the above image.

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