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Docker Swift Application Example

Docker allows us to execute swift application. In the following example, we are creating a swift file which run by using Docker. It consists of the following steps:

  1. Create a directory to organize application files.
  2. Docker Swift application 1
  3. Change Directory
  4. Docker Swift application 2
  5. Create a Dockerfile
  6. It is required to contains necessary Docker instructions which are used by Docker to create image.

    // Dockerfile

  7. Create a swift file
  8. Afetr creating a Dockerfile, we are creating a Swift file. This includes only one print statement that will produce the output when Docker images is run.

    // index.swift

  9. Create Docker Image
  10. Now. Follow the following command to build Docker image.

    Docker Swift application 3
  11. Running the Docker Image
  12. Docker Swift application 4

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