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Don't Worry Darling Review


Genres- Drama and Thriller

Release date- September 23, 2022

Starring- Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde

Director- Olivia Wilde

Writers- Katie Silberman, Carey Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke

Cinematography- Matthew Libatique

Runtime- 2 hours 3 minutes

Don't Worry Darling Review

Plot of the Movie

The plot is set in the 1950s and focuses on Alice (played by Florence Pugh), a young housewife who lives in an apparently perfect suburban town. Jack (played by Harry Styles), a wealthy and charming architect, is the guy she is married to. Although Alice gives off the impression that she is happy in her job as a devoted wife, she secretly longs for more.

As Alice gets used to her new life in the neighborhood, she notices odd happenings and subliminal signs that not everything is as it appears. She has a growing skepticism about her neighbors and their actions. She finds a secret area in her home, which makes her suspect that her spouse could be hiding secrets from her.

As Alice gets used to her new life in the neighborhood, she notices odd happenings and subliminal signs that not everything is as it appears. She grows more wary of her neighbors' actions and attitudes. She finds a secret area in her home, making her suspect that her spouse could withhold information from her.

As Alice becomes more curious and determined to learn the truth, she looks into it more thoroughly. She unearths a secret organization within the neighborhood where Margaret, a charismatic leader, manipulates and rules over women. The realization that her life has been meticulously crafted to fit into this repressive system shocks Alice to her core.

Alice develops an alliance with other women seeking emancipation, driven by her ambition to break free from this repressive world. They plan to reveal the truth and overthrow the system that has imprisoned them for so long.

Alice and Jack's relationship deteriorates in her journey. She struggles with the realization that he could be involved in the nefarious activities of the community. As their relationship of trust breaks down, Alice is forced to face her own courage and fortitude to defend herself and those she loves.

In the dramatic conclusion, Alice confronts Margaret (played by Olivia Wilde) and the neighborhood and reveals their sinister secrets to the world. She represents resistance, motivating other women to defy repressive rules and recover their independence. Margaret is the community's enigmatic and cunning leader, in charge of the women's lives and the strict observance of gender norms.

The movie ends with Alice's newly found independence as she leaves the neighborhood and starts a self-discovery journey to improve her and others' futures.

"Don't Worry Darling" explores issues of control, identity, and social expectations in the framework of a 1950s suburban environment. It is an engaging story of empowerment and suspense.


The visual aesthetics of the movie are one of its best features. With great attention to detail in the production design, costumes, and cinematography, the 1950s setting is expertly reproduced. A visually arresting and compelling universe is created in the film thanks to the old furnishings and pastel color scheme. The film's stunning presentation ups the suspense and tension, making it a visual feast.

Florence Pugh leads the way in "Don't Worry Darling" with one of the best performances. Pugh once again demonstrates her talent by presenting Alice as a multilayered and fascinating character. She expertly captures Alice's inner anguish and developing unease, giving her portrayal depth and realism. Harry Styles as Alice's husband, Jack, is a pleasant surprise. Styles portrays his character's charm and ambiguity with a convincing range. The chemistry between Florence Pugh and Harry Styles lends a fascinating aspect to the story that keeps viewers interested from beginning to end.

Despite the cast's excellent performances, the film's little character development has been criticized. Some characters, particularly the supporting ones, could feel undeveloped and have used more in-depth study. This may cause some viewers a little disconnect and decrease their interest in the character arcs.

Another excellent aspect of the movie is Olivia Wilde's directing. She has a solid mastery of the subject, skillfully escalating the tension and suspense. Wilde skillfully balances the psychological aspects of the narrative and examines gender roles and the social mores of the time. Her directing maintains suspense by progressively revealing the community's secrets while preserving a sense of mystery. The film's pacing is typically handled effectively, but there are times when tighter editing would have been advantageous.

Genres are skillfully merged in the script by Katie Silberman. It creates a distinct and captivating story by fusing social commentary, suspense, and psychological thriller components. In addition to exploring gender relations and cultural constraints, the screenplay also addresses conformity and female empowerment issues. However, there are times when the story becomes predictable, and several character motives might have been explored deeper to improve the overall effect.

The "Don't Worry Darling" movie was made with excellent production quality. Nathan Johnson's soundtrack for the movie skillfully heightens the tenseness and mood, adding to the overall immersive experience. Sound, design & editing are essential in creating suspense, especially during the movie's most violent scenes.

Regarding critique, some viewers may find the film's finale contentious. Without giving anything away, I'll just say that the ending takes a risky and surprising turn that not everyone will like. The movie skillfully addresses gender relations, although often, its narrative lacks nuance, favoring more overt language and visuals.

Some viewers have noted that the movie's storyline twists and developments may sometimes be predicted. Even while the film strives to keep the viewer on edge, there are times when the narrative decisions might not be as shocking or unexpected as planned. The predictability of some movie components might decrease their effect.


"Don't Worry Darling" is widely regarded as worth seeing based on favorable reviews. It has been praised for its performances, directing, and visuals. The film's original idea, sophisticated presentation, and thought-provoking issues make it a fascinating pick for audiences interested in psychological thrillers set in the 1950s, despite some concerns surrounding predictability and character development.

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