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Download and install Elasticsearch

In this chapter, we will learn the installation of Elasticsearch on windows operating system and prerequisites needed to be install. Follow the below tutorial to learn step by step installation of Elasticsearch -

Prerequisites of installing Elasticsearch

1. Before installing Elasticsearch, Java must be installed on your system on which you are going to use Elasticsearch.

2. If Java is already installed, check the version of Java by running java -version command on command prompt (CMD). Remember, its version must be 11 or higher.

3. Run the below command on CMD to check Java version on Windows OS -

On Linux OS -

4. If Java is not installed, first install the latest version of Java and set the environment variable.

Remember that Java version must be 11 or higher.

5. Click here () to download the latest version of JAVA.

6. Run the executable file to install Java on your Windows OS.

7. Set the Environment Variable (path) of Java.

Download and Install Elasticsearch

Follow the below steps to download and install Elasticsearch (ES) on Windows OS.

Step 1: Click here to download the latest version of Elasticsearch (ES).

Step 2: In Elasticsearch block, click on the Download link, as shown in the below screenshot.

Download and install Elasticsearch

Step 3: Once you click on Download, you will move to the home page, where you can download ES for different platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac.

Here, click on WINDOWS to download the zip file for Windows Operating System.

Download and install Elasticsearch

Step 4: Extract the downloaded zip folder. Right-click on the downloaded file and select Extract Here to unzip setup of Elasticsearch.

Download and install Elasticsearch

Step 4: Wait till complete the extraction.

Download and install Elasticsearch

Step 5: Go to the bin folder inside Elasticsearch and run the elastic.bat file.

Go to elasticsearch-a.b.c > bin, and run elastic.bat file.

Step 6: Double-tap on elastic.bat file to start the Elasticsearch server.

Download and install Elasticsearch

Step 7: Elasticsearch will run on the command prompt. Wait for the server to start, it will take time to start the server.

Download and install Elasticsearch

Step 8: After running the elasticsearch.bat file, open the web browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer and type http://localhost:9200 to check whether the server is running or not.

Download and install Elasticsearch

It will take time to run server on the browser.

Step 9: If you get the same output on the browser as shown in screenshot below, everything is fine.

Download and install Elasticsearch

Step 10: In the end, you need to add a plugin or install a data visualization tool (Kibana), which will act as the developer interface of Elasticsearch. See the next link of the tutorial -

What happens if using Java version 8 or below?

If Java version is below 11, it will show a warning on command prompt while running the elasticsearch.bat file.

Warning: Please use a newer version of Java.

Download and install Elasticsearch

So, install the newer version of Java.

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