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DXC Technology Interview Questions

About the Company: DXC is a world's leading multinational company works on IT consulting, management consulting, cloud infrastructure, operations, managing services, and outsourcing services.

DXC is headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia, USA and is a worldwide company. It operates in more than 70 countries. It is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DXC.

John Michael Lawrie is the present Chairman, President, and CEO at DXC Technology.

On April 1, 2017, CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) and Enterprise Services business of Hewlett Packard Enterprises together get merged as DXC Technology and guided the world's largest enterprises, government agencies through change cycles successfully.

DXC Technology Recruitment Process

There are total four rounds for recruitment process:

  1. Written Test (Aptitude, Verbal, Technical)
  2. Communication round
  3. Technical round
  4. HR round

1) Written Test

There will be a time of 1 hour for 100 questions:

a. Aptitude, Verbal, Reasoning (40 Questions): There will be normal questions (not much harder). You can prepare for this section from R.S Aggarwal's book.

Questions are asked on the following topic:

  • Time and Work
  • Age
  • Ratios and Proportions
  • Parallel Lines and Angles
  • Blood Relations
  • Synonyms, Antonyms (Grammar Concepts)
  • Questions from Unseen Paragraphs
  • Jumbled Sentences

b. Core subjects (60 Questions): You have the basic knowledge of your core subjects.

  • C/C++
  • Data Structures
  • Java
  • DBMS
  • Networking
  • UNIX
  • OS
  • Software Engineering

c. One Essay: Many topics will be there to write for. You have to choose any of them.

  • Demonetisation
  • Women Empowerment
  • Last Birthday Celebration
  • Reservation System
  • Opinion on Implementation of dress code in engineering college
  • Should reality shows be banned? Give your opinion.
  • Luck Vs. Struggle

1) Shyam will complete work in 20 days. If Ram is 25% more efficient than Shyam, then how many days he will take to complete the work?

  1. 14
  2. 18
  3. 16
  4. 20

Answer: C


Work done by Shyam in one day = 1/20
Work done by Ram in one day = (1/20) × (125/100) = 5/80 = 1/16
So, Ram can complete the work in 16 days.

2) Manish is aged three times more than his son Suresh. After eight years, he would be two and a half time of Suresh's age. After further eight years, how many times would he be of Suresh's age?

  1. 4 times
  2. 5 times
  3. 2 times
  4. 3 times

Answer: C


Suppose that Suresh's present age= x
Then, Manish's present age =3x + x= 4x
After eight years, Manish's age= (2 + ½ ) times of Suresh's age
=> ( 4x + 8) = ( 2 + ½ ) ( x + 8)
=> 4x + 8 = 5/2 ( x + 8)
=> 8x + 16 = 5x + 40
=> 3x = 40 ? 16 =24
=> x = 24 / 3 = 8
After further eight years,
Suresh's age = x + 8+ 8= 8+ 8+ 8= 24
Manish's age = 4x+ 8+ 8= 4×8+ 8+ 8= 48
Manish's age/ Suresh's age = 48/24 = 2

3) A 2% error in excess is found while measuring the side of a square. So, find the percentage of error in the calculated area of the square.

  1. 4.04%
  2. 2.30%
  3. 1.03%
  4. 3%

Answer: A


Percentage error in the calculated area = (2+ 2+ (2×2/100))% = 4.04%

4) After rolling twice a dice, what will be the probability of getting a sum equals to 9?

  1. 2/5
  2. 3.4
  3. 1/3
  4. 1/9

Answer: D


Total number of possible outcomes of rolling a dice = 6
So, Total number of possible outcomes after rolling twice a dice, n(S) = 36
E = Getting sum of nine when two dice fall= { (3,6), (4,5), (5,4), (6,3) }
Hence, n(E) = 4
P(E)= n(E)/n(S)= 4/36 = 1/9

5) The Compound Interest on Rs. 30,000 at 7% per annum is Rs. 4347. The period(in years) is :

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 3.5

Answer: B


Let the period be n years
Then amount after n years= Rs.(30000+ 4347)= 34347
P(1+ R/100)^T = 34347
30000(1+ 7/100)^n = 34347
30000(107/100)^n = 34347
(107/100)^n = 34347/30000= 11449/10000= (107/100)^2
n = 2 years

6) Find the relationship of words in the following questions:

(a) Odometer: Mileage, Compass:

  1. Speed
  2. Hiking
  3. Nickel
  4. Direction

Answer: D


Both are the instruments, Odometer is used to measure speed while Compass is used to determine direction.

(b) Marathon: Race, Hibernation:

  1. Winter
  2. Dream
  3. Bear
  4. Sleep

Answer: D


Marathon is a long race while hibernation is a lengthy period of sleep.

7) If CANDLE is coded as EDRIRL, how can FRIEND be written in that code?


Answer: A


See the code, the first letter is the second alphabet, the second letter is the third alphabet, the third letter is the fourth alphabet and so on after the corresponding letter in the word.

8) Find the odd one out:

  1. Resonance
  2. Tone
  3. EAR
  4. Echo

Answer: C

9) Which one is the simplest file structure?

  1. Sequential
  2. Indexed
  3. Random

Answer: A

10) Anu is Babita's sister. Geeta is Babita's mother. Deepak is Geeta's father. Ekta is Deepak's mother. Then, how is Anu related to Deepak?

  1. Grandfather
  2. Grandmother
  3. Daughter
  4. Granddaughter

Answer: D


Anu is the sister of Babita and Babita is the daughter of Geeta. So Anu is the daughter of Geeta. Also, Deepak is the father of Geeta. So, Anu is the granddaughter of Deepak.

11) Corpulent is same as:

  1. Lean
  2. Obese
  3. Gaunt
  4. Emaciated

Answer: B

2) Communication Round

In this round, they make groups of a number of students from the total number of students. Then they ask students to discuss the thoughts on the topic they give to them on that spot. Students with good communication skills, good etiquettes, and overall good personality will get selected from every particular round.

NOTE: Communicate with confidence and right attitudes without any grammatical mistakes.

The topics of the discussion may be about current affairs, life experiences, and social issues as follows:

  • Demonetisation
  • Women Empowerment
  • Last Birthday Celebration
  • Reservation System
  • Opinion on Implementation of dress code in engineering colleges
  • Should reality shows be banned? Give your opinion.
  • Luck Vs. Struggle
  • Discussion about some topics i.e. Was Gandhiji a born leader or a made one?
  • Professional Ethics

3) Technical Round

For this round, you have to be well prepared for everything being mentioned in your resume including your major, minor projects, training projects, internship (if any). The Interviewer may even ask about the total number of subjects in your Graduation, last semester subjects, your favourite subjects etc. The time will be around half an hour.

Some of the questions are:

1) Explain your major project.

Answer: My major project was an android online application named Chat App to chat with friends, to share the images, files, to invite the peoples etc., having good security and privacy concerns. The project was a real-time based application connected with firebase. My project supervisor helped me a lot to complete my project on time.

2) What are your favourite subjects?

Answer: My favourite subjects are Data Structures, Compiler, Networking, Core Java, Software Engineering, Discrete Mathematics, Software Project Management, Big Data, and Digital Electronics.

3) What is Polymorphism?

Answer: Polymorphism is a concept by which we can perform a single action in different ways. Polymorphism is derived from 2 Greek words: poly and morphs. The word "poly" means many and "morphs" means forms. So polymorphism means many forms.

4) What is the difference between Abstraction and Interface?


1. An abstract class can have abstract and non-abstract methods. An Interface can have only abstract methods. Since Java 8, it can have default and non-static methods also.
2. Abstract class doesn't support multiple inheritance. Interface supports multiple inheritance.
3. Abstract class can provide the implementation of interface. Interface can't provide the implementation of abstract class.
4. The abstract keyword is used to declare abstract class. The interface keyword is used to declare interface.

5) What is Encapsulation in Java?

Answer: Encapsulation in Java is a process of wrapping code and data together into a single unit, for example, a capsule which is mixed of several medicines.

We can create a fully encapsulated class in Java by making all the data members of the class private. Now, we can use setter and getter methods to set and get the data in it.

The Java Bean class is the example of a fully encapsulated class.

6) What are the layers of OSI model?

Answer: Layers of OSI model are:

  1. Application layer ( 7th Layer)
  2. Presentation layer (6th Layer)
  3. Session layer (5th Layer)
  4. Transport layer(4th Layer)
  5. Network layer(3rd Layer)
  6. Data Link layer (2nd Layer)
  7. Physical layer(1st Layer)

7) What is UNIX?

Answer: UNIX is a complete package of the operating system developed mainly for servers, workstations, and mainframes. It is a copyrighted named. It can be used by its copyrighters only. It contains a completely different coding developed by AT&T labs, highly secured, has listed about 85-120 viruses till date.

8) What is Android? Who is its founder? Name its latest version.

Answer: Android is an open-source, Linux-based operating system used in mobiles, tablets, televisions etc. Andy Rubin is the founder of Android. 9 Pie is the latest version of Android.

9) Write a java program to print Fibonacci series.



The Fibonacci series is:
 0   1   1   2   3   5   8   13   21

10) Write a Java program to print the given pyramid:









11) Name the major data structures used in RDBMS, Network data model & Hierarchical data model.

Answer: RDBMS: Array (i.e., Array of structures)

Network data model: Graph

Hierarchical data model: Trees

12) Give some advantages of DBMS.

Answer: Advantages of DBMS are:

  • Redundancy gets controlled.
  • Enforcing integrity constraints.
  • Unauthorized access is restricted.
  • Providing backup and recovery.

13) Which operator in SQL performs pattern-matching?

Answer: LIKE operator performs pattern matching.

14) What is the purpose of DESC in SQL?

Answer: DESC in SQL is used to describe a schema as well as to retrieve rows from table in descending order.

15) What is ER Model?

Answer: ER Model is based on real world that consists of basic objects called entities and of relationship among these objects. Entities represent a set of attributes in a database.

4) HR Round

You will be well prepared about yourself. You must have good knowledge about the role of job for which you have faced interview, search about that company before going to interview. The time will be up to 8-10 minutes.

Some of the most asked questions are:

1) Tell me about yourself and your background.


Well, my name is Nisha and I am from Bhopal (M.P). I am a B.Tech graduate in Computer Science Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University. My areas of interests include software development, android application development, and technical content writing, and reading about the technical things. As I talk about my background, we are four members of our family: my parents, me and my brother. My father is a businessman and my mother is home-maker. My brother is in high school.

2) Tell me about your academics and if you have any backlog.

Answer: Sir/Mam, I have an aggregate of 7.78 CGPA in without any backlog in my whole journey of academics. I completed my Intermediate from D.A.V Public School with 76% and I have 9.0 CGPA in high school which I completed from Delhi Public School.

3) In which technology you are good?

Answer: I am good in Android Development. I have a good knowledge of C, Core Java, and Kotlin languages. I am also good in databases and have a great command on MySQL queries.

4) What do you know about this organization?

Answer: You have to explain all the things about the company you know.

5) Will you relocate in the future?

Answer: Yes, I will relocate.

NOTE: Must say yes to them.

6) What are your strength and weakness?

Answer: My point of strength is that I am a disciplined, hard-working and an optimist. I don't get broken after any failure behind my goals I follow whenever. My greatest weakness is that I loss temper very badly, break the things around me after which I don't care anything about me.

7) What is your dream job?

Answer: I want to do the job as a well-skilled software developer in an organization where I will be a well- respected team leader with the renowned personality.

8) Do you have passport?

Answer: Yes, I have passport.

9) Have you any question from me?

Answer: Ask them about your feedback.

10) Are you available for a full time position?

Answer: Yes, I am available for full time position.

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