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What is the full form of EDP

EDP: Electronic Data Processing

Electronic Data Processing, is nothing but a synonym for IS (Information Services or systems) or MIS (Management Information Services or systems).

It refers to the processing of-commercial data, storing documents, transferring information from paper into digital format with the use of a computer involving electronic communication. It was created with the term DP(data processing). In simple words, it is a process comprising of three stages which are as follows:

  • Input: The data is entered through input devices like keyboard, digitizer, scanner etc.
  • Processing: The data is manipulated through software programs that usually include translation, formula, code application, and encryption etc.
  • Output: The processed data is passed to the user in the form of reports, audio, video etc.
edp full form


Lyons Electronic Office (LEO) developed first commercial business computer in UK in 1951. At that time data could only be entered through punched tape or cards. These punched cards needed to be separately manufactured. Processing commercial data was extremely tough and really time consuming.

At first, individual organizations created their own software, bespoke data processing software.

With the advent of microprocessors, punch cards were retired and it became possible to process data electronically using simple desktop computers.


  • Speed: The information stored and managed through EDP can be retrieved quickly.
  • Efficiency: It allows you generate summary documents (invoices, reports, statements) automatically and quickly.
  • Cost-effective: Long-run total cost of managing data through EDP is less.
  • Less errors or mistakes: Errors like repeated entries, duplication of efforts are greatly reduced or eliminated in EDP.

EDP in Modern Era

In today's electronics world, EDP term is not that much used. Almost in every sector there is use of computers. Companies hire employees to convert their raw information digitally to provide products and services to their customers in a timely and efficient way.

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