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Embedded System Project: RFID Based Attendance System

RFID Based Attendance System Using 8051 Microcontroller

Nowadays, attendance in schools and colleges is based on paper. Sometimes this process causes errors and takes more time.

This project uses RFID technology for making a note of every student entering in a classroom and also calculates the time resides in a class.

In this system every student is allotted with an RFID tag. The attendance can be done by placing card near RFID reader.

What is RFID?

The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an electronic device which includes a small antenna and a chip. This device is used for transmitting information between reader and RFID tag using radio frequency electromagnetic fields.

The operating frequency ranges of these devices include low, mid and high ranges. The low frequency range is from 30 KHz to 500 KHz, middle frequency range is from 500 KHz to 900 KHz and high frequency range is from 2.4 MHz to 2.5 MHz

Embedded System Project3

Block Diagram of RFID Based Attendance system

The attendance system in most of schools and colleges is mostly documented based. For automatic attendance system a wireless technology based RFID system is proposed. Every student is provided with an RFID tag, which uses inbuilt IC for storing and processing the information.

The block diagram of this system includes preset circuit, a microcontroller, an oscillator circuit, LCD display and an RFID reader.

Embedded System Project4
  • Microcontroller-The microcontroller used in a RFID based attendance system is AT89C52 from the family of 8051. It includes 4-I/O ports and 40-pins.
  • Oscillator Circuit-Oscillator circuit is connected in between the pins of 18 and 19 of a microcontroller. This circuit is built with a combination of oscillator and two 33 pF capacitors at 11.0592 MHz operational frequency.
  • Preset Circuit-The microcontroller AT89C52 9th pin is reset pin. The circuit of the preset is built with a capacitor, a resistor and a switch. When switch is pressed, the reset pin is connected with and the microcontroller becomes reset.
  • LCD Display-LCD display is consists of 16 pins, where 3 pins are connected with and remaining all pins are connected with the port-2 of the microcontroller.
  • RFID Reader-RFID reader is used for reading the information which is stored in the RFID tags. It incorporates with any type of hardware design.

Working of Attendance System Circuit

After connecting all the components of attendance system, give the power supply to switch on the circuit. Then LCD will displays, please swipe the card. The information contain in the RFID tag is stated as the ID and attendance of the student. When person placed card in front of RFID reader, it reads the information and start matching with the information stored in the AT89S52 microcontroller. Before operation microcontroller is preprogrammed with embedded C language.

Embedded System Project5

If the data of the card matches with RFID reader, then information will display on LCD. By using this system the operational time can be save as all the information is stored directly inside the database.

Source Code:

Consider the embedded system program required for operating the microcontroller system as RFID based attendance system is:-

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