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Difference between Enchilada and Burrito

Enchilada and burrito both are Mexican foods. People often confuse these two foods with each other as they look alike. Although they share many features, they are different from each other in terms of their taste, flavour, ingredients and preparation. Let us see how they differ from each other!


Enchilada is a Mexican dish in which a corn based tortilla is wrapped around a filling and served with a chili sauce. Generally, chicken and mutton are used as a filling in Enchilada. It can be filled with a variety of other ingredients depending on the place and personal likes and dislikes. To make enchilada, the tortilla is rolled around a savory filling and then topped with a chili sauce before baking.

Enchiladas are exclusively made with corn tortilla. They began as a street food in Mexico and were filled with cheese and consumed with chile sauce. Today, it can be filled with vegetables and any variety of meat like chicken, beef, seafood, mutton etc. Generally, a red sauce is used for beef; green or cream sauces are used for cheese or chicken based enchiladas. After filling, the enchiladas are layered with toppings and then soaked in sauce. Furthermore, it is an economical food as it can be made with leftovers.


Burrito is also a Mexican dish in which flour based tortilla is filled with filling or ingredients and then folded to make an envelope so as to completely cover the filling. In this dish, the tortilla is made from wheat flour and after filling with ingredients it is generally steamed or grilled to make it soft and more pliable.

The filling used in burrito varies greatly depending on the place and preferences of the people. E.g. in Mexican style burrito, refried beans, meat or Mexican rice are used as filling; in the US, lettuce, beans, meat, salsa, sour cream, cheese, avocado and Mexican rice are commonly used as filling for burritos. In terms of size, burritos are relatively larger than enchiladas.

Based on the above information, some of the key differences between enchiladas and burritos are as follows:

Enchilada Burritos
It is a Mexican dish in which a corn based tortilla is wrapped around a filling. It is a Mexican dish in which wheat flour based tortilla is wrapped around a filling.
It is consumed with a chili sauce that is layered on its top. It does not require to be consumed with sauce.
It is mostly filled with chicken or mutton. It is commonly filled with a mix of refried beans and meat, in some cases with shredded beef is used.
It is smaller in size than burritos. It is larger in size than enchiladas.
It is layered with toppings after filling the ingredients and then soaked in sauce. It is filled with ingredients and then folded and not soaked in sauce.
It is eaten using forks and knives. Utensils are not required for eating burritos. It is eaten with hands.
Tortilla is wrapped around the filling so as to make a cylinder like shape. /td> Tortilla is folded to make an envelope that completely encloses the filling.
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