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Enna Solla Pogirai Movie Review

Movie Plot

Anjali, who wants to marry someone with previous love experience, is engaged to RJ Vikram. ViIndkram creates a fictitious story about a former romance despite never having experienced love himself in order to grant Anjali's dream. Anjali shows her interest in seeing Vikram's ex-girlfriend to learn more about her viewpoint after hearing the story. Preethi, an actress, is hired by Vikram to play his ex-girlfriend in an effort to make it happen. Vikram's strategy, however, is derailed when he gets caught up in a love triangle and instead falls in love with Preethi. In the end, Preethi and Vikram make amends, and Anjali also publishes a book about their romance.

Enna Solla Pogirai Movie Review


India Times

In Enna Solla Pogirai, the three protagonists have distinct perspectives on love. Vikram seeks a girl who meets his checklist, Anjali believes in love with someone who has experienced heartbreak, and Preethi thinks she can choose when to fall in love. Their paths intertwine when Vikram and Anjali are set to be married. To hide his lack of past relationships, Vikram asks Preethi to pose as his ex-girlfriend. As expected, complications arise, leading to a love triangle. Director A. Hariharan confidently establishes the premise and characters, creating fresh and appealing scenes. However, the film becomes overlong during the resolution of the love triangle, with forced comedy scenes and performances that lack strong emotions. Nevertheless, the characters and their decisions keep us engaged, aided by lively music and stylish visuals. The director skillfully resolves the characters' issues with genuine warmth.

Behind Woods

Tamil movie Enna Solla Pogirai, written and directed by A. Hariharan, is made by R. Ravindran under the banner of Trident Arts. The film stars Teju Ashwini, Avantika Mishra, and Ashwin Kumar Lakshmikanthan in the key roles, with Pugazh, Swaminathan, Subbu Panchu, Delhi Ganesh, and others providing support. Richard M. Nathan shot the movie, while Vivek-Mervin wrote the music. Anjali, a writer looking for a companion with dating experience, proposes an arranged marriage to Vikram, a radio DJ, and Vikram accepts. Vikram encourages Preethi, a theatre performer, to pose as his ex-girlfriend in order to make the alliance work. The subsequent drama determines how Vikram's love life will turn out.

The movie has a slow start but picks up steam thanks to Hariharan's script and the compelling main actors, Teju Ashwini and Avantika. Although he could widen his emotional range, Ashwin Kumar impresses, especially in the song passages. Pugazh offers sharp humor and powerful support, and the players' chemistry is superb.

The second half of the movie is when the screenplay loses its momentum and becomes less interesting than it was in the first. Hariharan still skillfully integrates Preethi and Anjali's character journeys while also integrating their respective backgrounds as authors and actors into the story. Vivek-Mervin's score enriches the movie by setting a great ambiance and adding catchy tunes without interfering with the action. Richard M. Nathan's cinematography gives the frames a picturesque aspect that improves the overall aesthetic appeal.

Despite its weaknesses, Richard M. Nathan's photography, Vivek-Mervin's score, and Hariharan's scripting keep audiences engaged in Enna Solla Pogirai. The movie entertains and engages audiences with its 2 hours and 13-minute runtime, family-friendly subject matter, and lack of violence.

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