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What is the full form of EOD

EOD: End of the Day

EOD stands for End of the Day. It points to the end of a trading day in financial markets, the point in time when the trading ceases for the day. It is also known as end of business, close of business and close of play.

EOD full form

In some markets, EOD refers to a point in time prior to the actual end of the trading day or business day. These few minutes prior to the actual end of day are needed to complete the routine tasks that are required to smoothly end the trading or business day.

The EOD timings may vary from country to country such as in the U.S EOD is 11:59 pm and in the U.K it is 5:30 pm.

EOD is also used by companies to point to the end of the working day when the office is closed for the day. It is also used to refer to a deadline by which a task much be completed.

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