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What is the Full Form of EPABX?

EPABX: Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange

In this article, we are going to discuss about the full form of EPABX. This article is not limited to the full form; we will also discuss the pros and cons of EPABX. Hope this article gives you sufficient information about EPABX.


EPABX is an acronym of "Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange". It is an electronic device that is used for voice communication in Industries, Hotels, offices, and many more places. This electronic device is independent, and we can use it without any service providers (or trunk lines). EPABX is a switching system that enables both internal and external stitching functions for any organization. In order to select an appropriate EPABX, one should have proper information about the traffic pattern in the office.

EPABX full form

Utilizing EPABX in the right way will adequately serve all internal and external requirements of the organization. In the advancement in the computer field, EPABX integrates multiple helpful features.

Selecting the EPABX for an organization should be preceded by studying the needs of the office. The selection of an EPABX system is a critical task, and it also requires deep knowledge and a proper survey of the traffic pattern of the office.

You can see the EPABX in the following image -

EPABX full form

The EPABX system offers many features. Some are listed as follows -

  • Transferring of calls
  • Call pick up
  • Conference
  • Call back up, and many more.

Advantages and disadvantages of EPABX

EPABX is essential equipment that made communication easier, especially in organizations and offices. It makes communication much smoother and simpler. Let's see the advantages and disadvantages of EPABX.

Advantages of EPABX

The advantages of EPABX are discussed as follows -

Cost reduction - EPABX reduces the cost as we don't have any need to purchase expensive addons or extra boards while sharing the system. It is easy to add more lines or to increase severe capacity.

Flexibility - We can expand the network when there is a need, and EPABX can be easily shifted. When we have to change premises to different places, EPABX can be shifted without changing the number. EPABX can connect employees easily when they work from home to the office network. It helps the employees to connect to IP phones while traveling.

Easy programming - EPABX is entirely programmable. For communication, EPABX facilitates complex installation procedures and other integrated requirements.

Sharing of resources - In the office, employees can share the phone lines. EPABX can be used to reduce the overall phone expenses, as multiple extensions can be connected to a single line. During external calls, EPABX may be routed from a single incoming mode and can direct it to the client's extension number.

Choice - Using EPABX, we have options to choose from the internet server to the vendors. We can choose which device or server to use our system. We can also choose the operating system or a variety of phones from different manufacturers.

Some other advantages of EPABX are listed as follows -

  • The call transferring and forwarding features enable the mobility of users.
  • Automatic number redialing and auto conferencing are some of the advancements in the EPABX characteristics.

Disadvantages of EPABX

The limitations of EPABX are discussed as follows -

Upgrades and maintenance downtime - At this time, the system shuts down and results to a considerable loss to the company. We have to implement upgrades to solve it. Another solution is the implementation of a backup system or server, so it doesn't yield downtime, but then there will be a requirement of a large investment for additional equipments.

Constant power supply - To minimize power consumption, EPABX requires proper planning and design of the infrastructure. And to avoid power outages due to improper wiring requires proper cabling.

Time-consuming to install a new feature - EPABX does not provide other important features, and it consumes time during the installation of a new feature.

Huge investment cost on installation and configuration of the standard system - Initial setup and configuration of the devices take a considerable amount of money as well as time. It can be reduced by using virtual applications, or we can install the optimal network to avoid unnecessary equipment.

Some other limitations of EPABX are -

  • Generally, network devices have a life upto 5 years before the replacement. It can also take three years before the requirement of line expansions of a business.
  • It requires purchasing or installment of additional equipment to get new users that require a huge budget.

Now, let's see the requirements before or after fixing the EPABX.

Before fixing the EPABX

Some of the things we should keep in mind before fixing the EPABX are listed as follows -

  • The area should be air-conditioned.
  • The room must be dust-free.
  • The area should be well protected from the rain conditions.
  • Wiring must be done having the future enhancements in mind.
  • Issues such as power connections, earthing issues, and power backup must be verified and properly checked.

After fixing the EPABX

The things required to be done after fixing the EPABX are listed as follows -

  • The configuration should be done under the guidance of the service provider.
  • There should be a backup of the program file that will be helpful for future reference.
  • Extension lines should be verified and checked after configuration.
  • The extension list and number plan should be documented.

What does the EPABX system mainly contain?

EPABX system mainly contains the things listed below. All these things are assembled in a cabinet.

  • PSU (or Power Supply Unit)
  • CPU (or Central Processing Unit)
  • EC (or extension cards)
  • LC (or Line Card / Trunk Card), it is optional to use
  • PRI (or Primary Rate Interface / Digital Trunk Card) is also optional to use.

And there are many other things in the EPABX system. Let's discuss the top EPABX companies in India.

Top EPABX companies in India

Here, we will discuss MNC branded EPABX branded companies and Domestic Indian EPABX companies.

MNC branded EPABX branded companies

  • Samsung - It is the manufacturer of EPABX and sells it also in India. HCL is a Samsung distributor in India that provides all types of EPABX.
  • Panasonic - It is another MNC brand that sells all over India via its own network.
  • NEC - It has tied up with Syntel and sells all kinds of EPABX equipment.

The MNC branded EPABX companies are not limited to the above list, but there are many more other MNC branded EPABX branded companies such as Ericcson (Now AASTRA), Alcatel, AVAYA, Siemens, etc.

Domestic Indian EPABX companies

  • Syntel telecom - It has been manufacturing smaller EPABX devices and also sold many EPABX devices to the Indian army.
  • Accord - It is another EPABX manufacturing company that is selling multiple small to large PABX machines all over India.
  • Coral Telecom - It is headquartered in Noida, India, and it also has offices in other countries. This company has large clients in Indian Railways, BSNL, public sector units, govt. Departments, and in Defence Forces.
  • Matrix - It can be considered as the second largest Indian EPABX company. It has numerous EPABX products. Matrix has a large customer base in entire India, and it is also a well-known PBX brand in India.

The Indian EPABX companies are not limited to the above list, but there are various other Indian EPABX branded companies such as Crystal Digital, Centrex Telecom, etc.

So, above are the EPABX companies in which some are MNCs are some are Indian EPABX companies.

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