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Essay On My Father

The father's consideration is frequently forgotten when people talk about the mother's love and respect. There is a lot of discussion about mothers' love everywhere?in television shows, movies, and more. But what we miss is the influence of a parent who is constantly disregarded. Fathers are a blessing that people have in their lives.

Essay On My Father

It would be wrong to presume that every father serves as the ideal role model for his children, and this is not the case. In contrast, until I reach my goal of becoming an ideal person, I will vote without even giving it a second thought for my dad.

My lovely father is the only person I have ever admired. I can still clearly recall every father-child interaction I had with him. They are the actual causes of my joy and happiness. He is, in my opinion, the unique father I could have ever wished for. I feel incredibly fortunate to have such a father in my life. I am eternally grateful to God for granting me the chance to be born into a good father's household.

Essay On My Father

He is an exceptionally modest and calm individual. He never criticises me, accepts all of my errors without complaint, and helps me to humble myself in the face of all of my errors. Our family's leader supports each member of the family through difficult moments. He shares the failures and triumphs of his life with me in order to convey the teachings. He has his own web marketing company, but he never encourages or pressurises me to advance in that field. Instead, he constantly supports me in anything I choose to achieve in my life. He is a good parent, not just because he looks out for me but also because of his intelligence, strength, and willingness to provide a hand. He also does an excellent job of handling people.

My grandparents are always respected by him and are constantly given thought. My grandparents used to frequently discuss the villains in my father's life when I was little, and I can still remember this. "Be like your father", they advised me, as he has led a very nice life. My father is the one in the family who always helps the family members to find solutions to their difficulties when they are dissatisfied in order to make everyone in the family happy. He takes extremely good care of my mother and encourages her to take a break when she becomes exhausted from housework. I get my motivation from "my father," who is always willing to assist me with my schoolwork and attends my PTM to talk about how I behave and perform in class.

The fact that "my father" is now among the rich residents of the city despite coming from a very impoverished family at birth is a testament to his perseverance, diligence, and generosity. I am able to state with pride that he is my father, who has served as an example to me throughout my life. In other words, his attitude and demeanour had an impact on me as a whole, as a human. He continues to have a significant impact on the environment in his own unique ways in much the same way. My father volunteers his spare time to care for stray animals, which inspires me to do the same.

My father once informed me that he always presents my mother with a rose, the symbol of the essence of love. We are all encouraged to approach things in the same way by this consistency and passion.

My father has taught me everything I know about cars and sports. One of the few justifications I have for wanting to play cricket in the future is this. I gradually realised how much more he and his personality influenced me. I never get weary like him, so I am always curious about everything else. I still want to accomplish something constructive or instructive. Because of him, I started learning how to play the piano and developing an appreciation for things like search engine optimisation, user experience design, and drawing.

He said that every act of compassion is a state of mind, not a condition of one's bank account. He has so much compassion. I have seen my father helping the poor and the person in need even when my father doesn't earn much. He never humiliated the receivers by giving them such a handout; instead, he urged them to repay at their own pace and time while still making it appear as though they had done so, protecting their dignity. He showed me what it meant to be a parent and what it meant to lose your life without ever having to talk about it.

I can sum up my relationship with my father in one instance. In order to become an engineer, he urged me to enrol at the IIT. He despised the idea of me being a novelist and thought it was a hopeless profession. In 2020, I got out of the train as the whistle blew as my family travelled from Bombay to Delhi. I've been determined to savour my way of life.

My father, who was quite furious, told me to leave without a notion and advised me to help myself if I was so enthusiastic about writing. But I also did it, earning enough money from nighttime papers to pay for my rent, my college expenses, or my food. My father visited me six months later after arriving in Delhi in December to check how his strong-willed daughter would do. He was pleased to discover that I had made do without borrowing or begging for anything. He was obviously brimming with pride. My father gave me a hug, briefly pardoned me, and then spent his Christmas bonus of 10 thousand rupees to purchase my furniture, a mattress, and other necessities. My father really is a hero.

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