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Essay on Time

When we are asked to think about the most valuable, precious and priceless thing in the world, we may name some rare elements or jewelry. But the essential item in the world is 'Time', and this is a fact that cannot be denied by anyone. Time cannot be sold or bought. We cannot seek lost times, be it happy or sad, and we cannot make time run according to us. Time has its own pace, which is universally accepted and unquestioned.

Essay on Time

Although it is complicated and confusing to define Time in a confined set of words in layman's language, Time can be referred to as the continuous progress of life and life events that had happened already, are happening right now or will happen in future, all as a whole. Time includes in itself all the incidents of the past, the present as well as the future. It should never be taken for granted and should always be utilised in the best way possible.

The Importance of Time

When the discussion of time is brought to the table, then there is a very significant area of this discussion that should be highlighted properly, and that is the importance of time. Time is a resource that is extremely precious and limited. It always appears to be ample, and it is very ironic how we get to understand the true meaning of time only after its loss to the circle of life. Every minute, every hour, even every second that we did not utilise goes to waste and can never be revived by any means. It is worth mentioning that the Time taken to write this essay is not going to come back to the writer, and the time taken to read it also wouldn't come again to the reader. This explanation brings forth the understanding of the importance of Time.

Value of Time

Even though this lesson has been repeatedly explained by a lot of people in a lot of ways, there are people who seem to forget it and waste their Time. The actual value of time is not realised until it has been lost. A number of people do not seem to understand the difference in weight between money and time. Money is given more priority over time by a lot of people in the world, and they realise their mistakes when it's too late. The reason behind their false judgement is the absence of understanding of what time actually means.

Essay on Time

They see time as nothing but a change of dates and season, which is not true at all. It is, although basic but not easy to understand, that money is something that can be earned by people, and Time, obviously, cannot. In fact, Time is the reason behind their opportunity of earning money. It very essential for people to understand the actual value of money as it can bring a huge change in their lifestyle.

Effective Use of Time

It is not enough to understand the importance and value of time, and one should also ponder upon the ways in which time can be effectively utilised so that it is not counted as waste. There are a number of points that should be taken into consideration when we talk about adequate utilisation of time. There are a number of ways to rightly use your time. For example, setting goals, having a perfect sleep schedule, having work lists prepared, prioritising productivity, etc.

Essay on Time

Setting goals can be a great way of bringing discipline to the way we spend our Time. These goals can be both short-termed and long-termed, and they play a vital role in enhancing our productivity. When we set a goal, it always includes a time limit within which we are to accomplish that. The time limit bounds us to invest our time in fulfilling that goal so that we do not exceed the time limit and lose to ourselves. This strictness towards our goals and the respect for the time limit becomes the reason for success.

Setting a goal to accomplish a particular thing in our life also becomes a reason for our motivation. The goals drive us to work continuously until we reach our goal. The habit of competing with ourselves and the technique of setting goals for ourselves brings in a will to achieve greater things in life. Also, their goals result in increased productivity, and as we know, productivity enhances one's confidence in whatever work one does and thus, it gives you the will and purpose to do more in your life.

When we invest our time in things, every action that we take has a purpose. When we engage in a lot of activities, it is hard to manage our time, and we often get confused about what to do and what not to do. It won't be true to say that having commitments is wrong, but we should take care of where we are investing our time. A very effective way to manage our time is to prioritize it correctly. This helps in gaining a better understanding of how important one task is than the other. This helps in increasing productivity in our lives and achieving greater heights.

A very misguided understanding of being productive is that people think they need to engage in different activities all the time in order to gain something and learn something out of it. This is simply not true. Resting our body and mind by having enough sleep and having a proper diet to keep ourselves healthy is also included in productive activities. If we do not perform tasks such as exercising regularly and sleeping on time, the balance that our body needs gets disturbed, and it becomes weary. This, in turn, results in less productivity and achievements in our life.

The power of Time

A lot of kings and rulers claimed to have enough authority and power to rule the world and considered themselves the best among all the rulers of their Time. Leaders of many countries try to proclaim the same and appear confident about their leadership and power. But the irony here is that the ultimate power is that of Time and if time changes for a person, so do his fortune and eventually his life. People often forget that they don't have ample amount of time, and it is limited for everyone, including them. Time defines who would rule and what time, and when the pages of time turn, even a beggar can become a prince.

Essay on Time

The power that time has is very dangerous and worthy of fear in our minds. We do not know when a person is going to lose his life. Not you or anyone else has any idea about the amount of time they have left in their life, and when will be the second they will surrender their life to god. The great deal of importance that time has becomes evidently clear when we talk about someone's lifetime. People take time for granted, thinking they have enough to waste, and they eventually face repercussions. So, the power of time should always be kept in mind and time should not be played with or wasted.

Again, Time has the power to make and break nature as well. As Time progresses, we see the life decaying that we used to see as children. We see rivers drying up and open fields being converted into skyscrapers. As much as all these are human activities, they depend on time, and time has a hold on everything that is there in the universe.

Every second spent is wasted and holds great importance and power. The power of one second can be understood when we ask about it from a person who got saved from accidents by the difference or a mere second. A few minutes might mean the world to a dying person and are equally important to a student whose career depends upon the few last minutes he has to write his exam.

To conclude the above-mentioned things, we can say that time is the most precious gift that is provided to us by god. It is believed by everyone and is indeed true that if anyone dares to waste time or question its importance, he himself gets wasted by time.

The Management of Time

The problem nowadays that people face is not that they do not have anything to do, but they don't have enough time to manage the things they are doing and eventually fail to find time for themselves. This problem demands a very important knowledge to be solved, and that is of knowing how to manage our Time. Time management skills are most needed in this modern world where multitasking is cool and probably needed. Time management plays an important role in increasing the quality of our lifestyle. A successful person needs to know how to manage time as time management promises one life of discipline and schedule. Success is achieved by working on a number of things, and one very important among them is time management.

Meaning of Time Management

Essay on Time

You know there is a lot of time we get on a daily basis, that is twenty-four hours, but people still end up saying that they don't have enough time for things. Ironically, there are just twenty-four hours in a day, and we can't manage to complete each and every task that we desire to get done within this limited period of Time. One day cannot be enough for us to do everything at once or a very short period to do anything at all. This is the reason why there are certain limitations to what work we do daily. If we are expecting ourselves to manage work, personal life and good sleep, then we need to understand how to manage our time.

Division of time is kind of needed in this era. Every second we use or misuse defines our future, and it is obvious that no one should misuse time. Time division, if done correctly, ensures that we complete all our tasks in time and still have spare time to give to ourselves and our loved ones.

There is an ideal pattern in which the daily tasks should be practised so that they don't overlap or hinder anything. According to the ideal design patterns, each task of ours should get enough time to be completed perfectly. Also, among the tasks that are to be performed by an individual, work-related tasks should have utmost importance, and they should have the highest priority. The second and very important task of an individual would be to get enough sleep as the sleep cycle influences work. In the third stage, we should give priority to our social circle, that is, family and friends.

Any one of these three major tasks, if taken for granted, can lead to negative effects on the other two. For example, if a person who is a workaholic who tends to work a lot without proper sleep faces a decline in their performance and peace of mind. It can also make you sick and exhausted. Some people tend to work and sleep properly but ignore social interactions and which results in a decline in their performance. Family and friends should be given proper time as they give us a sense of calmness.

Students and Time Management

Everyone has to work at each and every stage of their life cycle. As much as the work done by the elders is claimed to be important, students nowadays also have to work. They have a huge syllabus to complete and study for the upcoming exams. The pressure on students to perform well academically never fades, and thus, students spend more time engulfed in their books rather than enjoying their childhood.

The importance of studies is very much nowadays, and a good student knows exactly how much it is important for growth and development but having a proper balance between personal and work-related things is what every student should aim at. Students should know that time waits for none, and if they do not try to live their childhood at this point, they won't get this time again to relive the same. A student's personal development is very much important for their proper growth.

Essay on Time

In addition to this, a student should know that time is the only thing in this world that will never come back. Considering this, one should always make time for their personal growth and development as it will play a major role in the overall growth of a child. Students should indulge in activities that ensure personality development, such as sports, games, art and reading. Sport enhances a very important skill everyone should have, i.e., teamwork art teaches us the value of patience and perspectives and so on. Engaging in these activities also helps in releasing stress and tension that becomes a part of a student's life nowadays.

We all have experienced the learning phase of our life and some of us still are in our learning phase. It may be completely understandable to us that school and college demand most of our time of the day, and the spare one is utilised in attending our coaching or tuition classes, leaving us no time to indulge in self-studying. Self-studying is a very important and integral aspect of education. A student should spend his day in such a way that attending both college and caching classes leaves an ample amount of time and energy that is required in self-study.


The conclusion that we can draw after understanding the importance, value and management of Time is that Time is the currency that we get every day and lose every night. It comes in the form of 86,400 seconds, and we should take immense care on how to spend it. It is also important for us to never waste time, and a very positive as well as a negative thing about time is that time waits for none.

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