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Eva Lewis

Eva Maria Lewis is a teenage activist from the South Side of Chicago in Illinois who now lives in Chicago. Additionally, she created and continues to serve as executive director of Free Root Operation and is a co-founder of Youth for Black Lives.

Eva Lewis

Human rights activist, writer, community organizer, poet, artist, and Chicago scholar Eva Maria Lewis, 23, was born and grown in Illinois on the South Side of Chicago. She has received several honors for her efforts in various fields. Eva Maria Lewis is the only child of Valerie Andrews Lewis, an activist for social justice and human rights who has won praise worldwide. She started The Free Root Operation and "The first Project" in 2015, while she was a teenager in high school, and has been actively involved in youth activism campaigning for social justice causes ever since.

Education Of Eva Lewis:

Eva Lewis
  1. Eva Maria Lewis completed her high school education at Walter Payton College Preparatory High School in Chicago, Illinois' Old Town neighborhood.
  2. She has a full Quest Bridge College Match Scholarship, permitting her to pursue a bachelor's degree in sociology at the University of Pennsylvania.
  3. However, Eva Lewis will graduate in May 2022.

Eva Lewis's Initiation Of Community Activism:

Eva Lewis
  1. When Eva Maria Lewis formed The Free Root Operation in high school, she took on her first advocacy position. The Free Root Operation is a nonprofit organization that works to inspire Black and Brown communities throughout Chicago and implement community-focused programs like educational resources and food-pairing programs to combat poverty-related gun violence.
  2. In 2015, while still a senior in high school, Eva Lewis founded The I Project to address educational inequality and larger systems of unequal resource distribution in South Shore Chicago, where many young people in Black and Brown neighborhoods turned to gun violence as their only means of surviving amid rising unemployment and poverty rates.
  3. The Education Emancipation campaign was started by Eva Lewis' The I Initiative project in response to the unequal distribution of state funding for resources. Its purpose was to provide the financing of the primary schools on Chicago's south and west sides so that they could participate academically with other institutions in the area. The I Project is essentially founded on the idea that equity rather than equality is the answer to the problem of gun violence. Resources must be appropriately allocated and evenly to achieve this.
  4. In 2016, Eva Maria Lewis began contributing to Teen Vogue. Later, she shifted her attention to writing on black women, intersectional feminism, and opinions and responses to the violence in Chicago.

Community Activism By Eva Lewis:

Eva Lewis
  1. Eva Lewis's involvement in the community increased from her high school years to when she first protested on Michigan Avenue with her mother following the terrible shooting of Trayvon Martin.
  2. To protest the police shootings of likely minorities and people of color, notably Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Eva Lewis, and three other black adolescent women activists held a teenage sit-in in Chicago in 2016.
  3. Over a thousand people participated in the demonstration, which featured a march down State Street and Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Chicago teenagers participating in a sit-in to protest against police brutality.
  4. With the help of her three fellow activists, Eva Lewis organized young people of the community on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtag #BLMCHIYouth, which turned into a symbolic demonstration in Chicago. There were reportedly no arrests at the event; even though Chicago has a history of juvenile violence, anti-racism groups and the Chicago Police have a strained working relationship.
  5. Eva Lewis and the protest organizers founded youth for Black Lives (Y4BL) to give young people the voice they need to speak out against institutional racism after the protest was a success.
  6. Eva Lewis, a Youth for Black Lives member, led a second protest against police violence after Paul O'Neal's passing on August 7, 2016, and it started in Millennium Park.
  7. Following a deadly shooting on Mount Greenwood in Chicago in November 2016, Eva Lewis's Youth for Black Lives staged a follow-up demonstration. However, the protest was abandoned and called off due to safety concerns.

Achievements Of Eva Lewis:

Eva Lewis

Eva Lewis presented her experiences and ideas about the need to promote human rights among Black and Brown communities as a speaker at several events and as a young, active activist. These events enhanced her popularity and reputation in Chicago and other world areas.

Here are a few of Eva Lewis' most noteworthy achievements.

  • She spent ten years as a Girl Scout in the USA, and in March 2016, she moved to New York to attend the United Nations 60th Annual Commission on the Status of Women. She gave a speech after performing a spoken word at the International Day of the Girl Child event opening in October 2016.
  • In Paris, represent the United States of America at the Human Rights Defenders Summit.
  • In 2016 and 2017, She wrote articles for Teen Vogue that were specifically on black women, Chicago residents' perspectives and responses to dealing with violence, and social justice, particularly regarding Black and Brown people in the United States of America.

Awards Of Eva Lewis:

Eva Lewis

Eva Lewis has received honors for her tenacious action in support of social justice, the promotion of human rights, and protests against police brutality.

Some of the achievements she has earned are listed below.

  • Eva Lewis collected Reebok Human Right Award in 2021.
  • Eva Lewis earned Chicago Foundation for Women's Pioneer Award in March 2017
  • Eva Lewis received the DuSable Museum of African American History's Rising Star Award in June 2017
  • Eva Lewis gained the issue of Princeton Price in Race Relations in April 2017.

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