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Fame Game Review


Sometimes, Bollywood offers you unexpected masterpieces; one masterpiece is The Fame Game, which is a tale of one of the most famous Indian actresses, Anamika Anand (performed by dancing queen Madhuri Dixit). Anamika is living two just opposite lives in which one is of an Indian superstar, and the other one is of a perfect wife, a mom, friend, and mentor who is also lonely and mostly forced to make most of the decisions in her life. The story changes when one day, she suddenly disappears, and no one has a small clue about where she went or what happened to her. Now, when the police start investigating, a lot of dark secrets and truths about her life start to be uncovered about not only Anamika but also about everyone in her family.

Fame Game Review

The Fame Game not only lets you see the amazing performance of Madhuri Dixit but also various different popular songs and scenes of her movies and her excellent performances. Thus, this series is also a tribute to this legendary star, and if you are her fan, this is a treat for you.

The main purpose of this review is to help you understand what you should expect from this series and what you should not. As per the claim of the makers, this series is not a suspense thriller, but it is based on the harsh reality of Bollywood and should not be missed by any fan of Madhuri Dixit as her performance in the entire series is one of the best performances of her overall Bollywood performances.

The start of the series is very good. Unfortunately, later it does not keep the same. The story starts getting boring, and although every actor played their characters very well, it disappoints you at some points. At some points, it feels like the performance is getting off just because you can not connect to any role. The series also covers the pain of star kids, which the actor played very naturally and wins your heart.

Description of the Series

The story starts with the story of a popular film producer Nikhil More (played by Sanjay Kapoor), who is the husband of the most popular superstar Anamika Anand. As Nikhil is not going through very good times and needs to do something better to keep his financial status stable, his stress levels are just much more than he can handle. Later, to manage everything, he decides to produce a movie with his wife and another popular superstar Manish Khanna to keep himself in the market. An interesting fact is that Manish used to be her wife's lover 20 years ago, and this was a tough situation. Anyhow, all of a sudden, his wife Anamika suddenly went missing, and after the complaint, the police started an investigation. In this process, suddenly, all the doubts and suspicion come to the family, and it becomes harder to trust anyone. As soon as Anamika is missing, the story becomes a lot more crispy and thrilling. On the very next day, when the family was very confused and after not getting any other option, they called the police. With police, the media also comes.

Suddenly present day (after six months after the missing event) is showcased, in which all the truths about the "so-called perfect" life of the actress are already revealed, and now everyone knows how fake and empty the relationship between her and her children, her extra ambitious and greedy mother and most importantly the bad relationship between her husband and co-star Manish Khanna (played by Manav Kaul).

We all are completely aware of the same story of poor girls working hard at a very young age so that they can help their families financially at a very young age. In such stories, there is always a greedy, ambitious mother who is the manager and uses her daughter as a puppet. No, we are not saying these stories are not real, but at least they are not new too. This series also showcases the struggle of stars from their most obsessed fans (again, not fake but not new); Fanboy named Madhav (excellently played by Gagan Arora) is really obsessed with Anamika. Her life is full of these weird stories, a lack of love from any of her family members, including her mother, and a lack of organization. Even in a scene, she says that she is tired of playing so many roles and not living her life according to her own choices. This is the reason why the main points of the story are not just about Anamika's success but also all the pains and loneliness of her life.

The series gets on the highest notes when it starts showing the relationship between Anamika and her kids. She has two kids named Avi (played by Lakshvir Saran) as well as Amara (played by Muskkaan Jafari). They both are growing children and face different difficulties and hardships of being star kids trying to achieve their ambitions and dreams. harbouring

In the story, there will be moments when you start questioning the bond between two young teenagers who are completely broken and trying to cooperate in the ongoing investigation and dealing with cops. The first thought that you will feel after watching this series is that as the character and looks of the actor are covered under make-up and glory, so is his family just seems perfect but is completely broken inside with a lot of loneliness and fake love. No doubt that the Directors of the series used real Bollywood drama for the scenes; you will find extremely high-speed editing, really grand and beautiful interiors, clothes from bigger designers, and most importantly, melodies in every scene.

But, don't get distracted from this and keep an eye on the sad reality and awareness of the hollowness that the actor faces in their life. The show showcases all the problems which lie in the industry; most of the females in the industry, no matter what their name is, what age they are, or their religion, most of them are used as puppets, sometimes by their parents and other times by their husbands.

The show highlights gender inequality, and even in a scene, Anamika herself comes in front and speaks against a male star for disrespecting her.

Performances of the Stars

Talking about Dhak Dhak girl Madhuri, she really had a real task to perform on her plate. Somehow Anamika's life was relatable with her life as a star, but for sure, the decisions Anamika made were never the same; she will make (a completely different perception maybe) the other factors like the lifestyle of a Bollywood star, million dollar smile even on the bad days, the body languages, everything is same, and Madhuri Dixit showed that she is a star for a reason, capable of handling all the hardships of the role and performing very well at some scenes, you will feel like she is just acting like herself and Anamika is another name of her.

Before watching the series, as this was the debut of Madhuri Dixit on the OTT platform, her fan had a doubt about will she really able to do justice to the character and pull off the platform or not. But as Madhuri is popular for her variety of characters, she again ruled in this field, and she again rocked. Maybe there was a reason that the difference between the real and reel life was very less for us, but when she plays the character of "Mother," the struggle between both her children was really heartwarming. Sanjay Kapoor again did justice to his rule as a greedy husband and made you hate his character.

We are sure that you will be fascinated by the charm of Manav Kaul. He performed as a superstar, and you will see how age differences do not affect his beauty. Apart from his looks, he performed very well, and from point to point, he maintained a balance between everything.

Talking about Lakshvir Saran was a good performer and played a memorable performance. Although his role was small, the type of romance with his partner is very inspiring, but there is still a small hope in his work for improvement. Although Muskkaan Jaferi was excellent at his part, she will take all your attention as soon as she appears. She will surprise you with her acting. On the other hand, Suhasini Mulay will show you how experience can bring perfection to your work, as she seems effortless and real.

The story was narrated from Rajshri Deshpande's point of view. And the way she narrates the story is really impressive. The actor also played a character of gay in the show, and it is great that how her character is not enough to understand her personality. When you see her, it will feel like she is a normal girl like others, and even the show treats her in the same manner. She was honest with her character.

Analysis and Evaluations

It is also amazing to watch Madhuri, and the series 'The Fame Game' is a treat to everyone, as she again rocked on screen, even in the OTT world as well. Even after so many years, she still looks as exciting and natural as she used to look in her 20s, and she will still spread her charm.

Although at some points, you will feel that 'The Fame Game' is really slow and lengthy and could be short up to two episodes but it is still engaging, and sometimes it feels like a copy of different Hollywood movies and series. But anyways, it is better due to star performances, and there is no doubt that due to the amazing work experience of Madhuri and having the same plot of being a veteran Bollywood superstar, Madhuri Dixit didn't have to give so much effort to become Anamika Anand. As Anamika is famous, the best actress and so every dialogue she speaks and lines she says are similar and so real. So overall, the best thing that happened to this series is nothing but "Madhuri Dixit '' herself. The series also contains many luxurious sets and costly designer clothes to make you believe it is a big-budget series showcasing Bollywood.

What Works the Best

  • Madhuri Dixit is the main highlight of the series, and others worked well, too, but when she started acting, you could not remove your eyes from her. So no matter if you are her fan or not, you must give it a try to watch the series just because of her.
  • Even Manav seems like a superstar at some points, and Sanjay Kapoor is no doubt experienced enough to act perfectly even as the greedy and disrespectful husband of Anamika.
  • The series is focused on the Bollywood lifestyle, and this is why it opens various dark truths about this so-called rich and great life.
  • In this series, the biggest surprise element is the perfection of young stars without even holding any such experience, specially Muskaan Jaferi will amaze you with her acting.
  • The series has a twist at the end, which will make you feel good and justified and leave you in a very nice spot.
  • At some points, the story feels good as it shows the real events happening in Bollywood and makes you feel the pain of Anamika.
  • In the end, The Fame Game is a well-served food, which, even after having no spices in various areas, still can make you happy and related to the series.

What Doesn't Work

  • As soon as the story goes from today to 6 months ago, the problem starts, as it starts focusing on every fact but not what happened to Anamika.
  • We don't think only digging into the past can help anyone to find out the lead, and they forgot that.
  • The story seems to be a copy of different Hollywood movies and lacks originality at every second moment.
  • When Anamika went missing, apart from Rajshree, no one else was really bothered to find her.
  • You will see Random things happening at some moments which aren't relevant and will confuse you between past and present.
  • At some point, you will feel that victims are only double-faced and the reason behind the mystery of Anamika's sad life.
  • Although the climax of the series also does not sit perfectly, and both parts of the story are narrated by two characters of the stories and don't feel trustable.
  • When you spend 7 hours watching any story, and it ends in such a common and montage way, it feels waste of time.
  • In the end, the way story ends and what Anamika's daughter does can not satisfy your soul.


Comparing this series to other Madhuri Dixit Movies will not make sense as she performed well and did complete justice to her character. Although the life of Anamika is nothing new, you already had seen such type of lifestyle before in various movies and series as a young, poor girl forced to work by her mom for money and a wife trying to get appreciation from his greedy husband is all very common in such themes, so overall this series has nothing new to offer, but the performances are completely different and new, worth to watch.

Personal Experiences

We personally loved the plot and suggest you give this series a try as the amazing acting skills and the harsh reality of the Bollywood world make you feel not cheated or time wasted for sure. As soon as mesmerizing beauty of Madhuri Dixit and the amazing acting of young stars shows on the screen, the beauty makes you happy and engaged with the series. For us, the ending could be better and much more real, but apart from that, the story doesn't seem so hard to understand or troubling. The Fame Game is one of the most harsh and real kids' series to watch.


In the end, the series is like a mix of food. The series has some good and some bad but overall is watchable. If you are a fan of Madhuri Dixit and enjoy her screen time, you have not gone to get bored even for a second as she gave such an effortless and perfect performance that will steal your heart. Madhuri sings, dances, and does everything which lights up the screen and makes her Anamika. As Anamika, Madhuri came up as a very strong individual and came out of her comfort zone, especially in the scenes where the mother and daughter bond has been showing up. so if you are looking to watch the Fame game, you should be expecting a series that can change your point of view about Bollywood, showcasing the harsh face of Bollywood. There is no thrill in the series but have a lot of drama and reality checks of Bollywood but also, most importantly, a lot of good performances and work.

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