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Farhana Review


Farhana is a 2023 Indian thriller-drama film in the Tamil language that is directed and written by Nelson Venkatesan and produced by Dream Warrior Pictures' S.R. Prakash Babu and S.R. Prabhu. Aishwarya Rajesh and Selvaraghavan are featured in the lead roles in the movie. Justin Prabhakaran composed the soundtrack for the movie.

The movie was released on an OTT platform, Sony Liv, on 12 May 2023.

Plot Of The Movie

Farhana is from a traditional Muslim family in one of Chennai's narrow streets. Karim is her husband, who portrays an introverted husband who works at his father-in-law's shoe store. He is a modern thinker who wholeheartedly supports and trusts his wife. Farhana accepts a job as a customer service representative due to the abrupt decline in their child's health.

Farhana Review

Farhana decides to swap teams within the company in order to gain access to better rewards. However, she has to communicate with sexually charged men as part of her employment. Farhana doesn't like her job, but one caller strikes up a conversation with her and influences her to stay. He communicates with her in a kind and charming way. Farhana is taken aback because she has never heard someone speak to her in that way, so she responds to his joy by doing the same. They both soon fall in love with one another.

Farhana tells him the truth about her feelings. After Dhayalan promises to meet Farhana the following day, she refuses to do so and decides to stop speaking to him. This causes chaos in her life when Dhayalan begins to manipulate Farhana into loving and marrying him by threatening to send all of their taped phone talks to Kareem. The rest of the story continues to find a way to get rid of Dhayalan.


Farhana, directed by Nelson Venkatesan, is a thriller that, for the most part, will keep you interested. The tension in the film keeps viewers interested and leaves them wondering what will happen to her. Another compelling picture by high-concept director Nelson Venkatesan features an intriguing cat-and-mouse chase in an unexpected setting.

The story introduces us to Farhana, a Muslim woman whose family struggles to run a tiny footwear business. Farhana is portrayed by Aishwarya Rajesh. With the approval of her family, Farhana makes the difficult decision to work in a contact center. She switches to a different team that offers more incentives as a result of her infant's serious health condition. She gradually realizes that her everyday interactions with lonely, sexually motivated strangers are part of her new routine. Farhana is actually like a fish in the sea. She floats until she is finally entangled in a web of lies. When she puts her "trust" in a stranger, she becomes a victim of a trap in the movie-the film's perspective shifts at this point.

As multiple layers of suspense develop, Farhana provides tense moments. While it primarily still manages to be interesting, some of the moments are too long and convenient.

Aishwarya Rajesh plays the part of Farhana brilliantly, adding to the narrative by showcasing a Muslim woman dealing with unusual circumstances. However, despite the fact that Farhana's setup and concept had the potential to include more original moments, the movie occasionally follows familiar storytelling patterns before reaching the big reveal. A lack of reality can also be observed in Farhana's impulsive choice to meet a stranger despite her religious reservations.

However, the tension in the opening scenes is genuinely compelling and is enhanced by the logical writing. The director handles delicate problems carefully. The cinematographer skillfully builds thrills that ultimately involve the audience in Farhana's world despite the movie having only a few settings. Jithan Ramesh, who plays Aishwarya Rajesh's husband, gives a noteworthy performance. Ramesh's character is expertly created as a progressive Muslim guy with his vulnerabilities. The majority of Aishwarya Dutta's noteworthy performance, which is seen in the first half, leaves an impression. The suspense in this plot is skillfully maintained with the help of flawless editing and a background score by Justin Prabhakaran.

A pleasant surprise in the movie was Selvaraghavan. Most of the time, you can hear his voice and cannot see his face. Just by being there, he creates fear. When Dhayalan, played by Selvaraghavan, and Farhana, played by Aishwarya, speak on the phone, the movie makes errors. Several of them have dialogues that unintentionally make people laugh. The climax also feels rushed and has a convenient conclusion.

The film Farhana succeeds, for the most part, with a few minor problems. Farhana finally rises, displaying its strengths in spite of occasional issues.

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