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Features of Less

  • Less is clean, compact, more readable code and written in a well organized way.
  • Less supports cross-browser compatibility.
  • Less is faster and easier.
  • Less is written in JavaScript. It compiles faster than other preprocessor of CSS.
  • Less provides variables which makes its maintenance faster.
  • Less provides nesting which makes the code short, clean and organized in a specific way
  • Less facilitates you to define styles which can be reused throughout the code.
  • Less is an extension of CSS. So it is also called super set of CSS.
  • Less is capable enough to sort out the problem of code redundancy.
  • Less provides @import rule so you can easily handle external files. Importing is required because many people split their stylesheet in multiple files, rather than putting it in one file.
  • Less provides extend method to groups selectors that share the same style-rules. It makes Less clean and more organized.
  • Less provides merging property. It is the most exciting feature of Less that accepts multiple values like transform, transition, and box-shadow.

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