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Fedora vs Ubuntu

Fedora vs Ubuntu: There are many differences between Fedora and Ubuntu. A list of differences between Fedora and Ubuntu are given below:

If you check the popularity list of Linux distribution, you will find that Ubuntu is the most popular linux distribution, while Fedora is fourth most popular. Ubuntu is based on Debian, while Fedora is based on Red hat Linux. Both distributions release a new version after every 6 months but they are different in their long-term support models. Ubuntu offers support for 18 months after the release of the version, on the other hand Fedora offers a shorter support period only for 13 months. So Fedora is not a good choice for product development or web server.

The following table specifies some unique differences between these two Linux distribution Fedora and Ubuntu.

No.Comparison Index FedoraUbuntu
1) What it is:It is the fourth most popular Linux distribution.It is the most popular Linux distribution.
2)Developed by:It is developed by Fedora project.(A company sponsored by Red Hat Inc.)It is developed by Canonical Ltd./Ubuntu foundation.
3)Software Availability:Fedora doesn't have enough software available in the market.Ubuntu has ample software available.
4)Initial release of the product:It was initially released on 16th Nov, 2003.It was initially released on 20th Oct, 2004.
5)Default User Interface:Fedora uses GNOME as its default user interface. Ubuntu uses Unity as its default user interface.
6)Software Management:Under Fedora, software management is handled from the terminal using yum.Under Ubuntu, software management is handled by dpkg.
7)Latest Stable Release:Its latest version was: Fedora 21, released on 9th Dec, 2014.Its latest version was 14.10 Utopic Unicorn, released on 23 Oct, 2014.
8) Website:

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