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Film Review of 3 Idiots

A movie or a film is an entertainment form of media. The term "cinema," which is short for "cinematography," is frequently used to refer to the process of creating films. 3 Idiots movie depicts the pressure on students due to the wrongly managed education system. Made in 2009, this movie perfectly depicts students struggling to find the actual point of their life, and one of the famous lines or themes in the film is Chase Excellence, and Success will follow you.

Film Review of 3 Idiots

About the Film

This movie was launched under the production house of Vinod Chopra Films. The movie incorporates real Indian inventions created by Remya Jose, Mohammad Idris, Jahangir Painter, and the world-famous Sonam Wangchuk. 3 Idiots garnered many positive reviews after its release on December 25, 2009, and was a financial success. It also had the greatest opening-day take for an Indian movie of that time, held the record for the highest net take in the first week for a Hindi movie, and was the highest-grossing movie in India during its opening weekend. It eventually reached a worldwide gross of 460 crore ($90 million), making it the highest-grossing Indian film ever at the time until 2013 and the highest-grossing Indian film of the 2000s. It was one of the few Indian films at the time to find Success in East Asian markets like China and Japan.


The story of three friends who joined Engineering College, and the three of them are enjoying and making their journey joyful. Rancho excels in the class because he is eager to try new things. Rancho's lighthearted approach to engineering contrasts with the strict style of Dr. Viru Sahastrabuddhe, the college's director (affectionately known by the students as "Virus"). Rancho confronts Virus about the excessive strain imposed on ICE students after a student called Joy Lobo commits suicide because of missing a project deadline but is harshly rejected.


Before the shoot, the film's rehearsals got underway, followed by script readings and look testing.< On July 28, 2008, after substantial pre-production work, primary filming for the movie started. The first sequences were those starring the supporting actors, with the main actors; filming for the key schedule started on August 29, 2008. The first scene for this movie was filmed in an airplane with Madhavan, and it was the first day of shooting in Mumbai. For a 20-day schedule, the team traveled to Ladakh with Khan and Kapoor on the cast and crew. The Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh served as the location for the climax.


Swanand Kerkira wrote the lyrics for the music which Shantanu Moitra created. After collaborating with Rajkumar Hirani on the blockbuster music album Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2006), Moitra and Hirani worked together again. Along with Sanjay Wandrekar and Atul Raninga, Moitra wrote the film music and the songs. The songs on the album were composed with the thinking of children in India in mind, drawing influence from Moitra's college days.

Is the Movie Worth Watching?

The movie 3 Idiots is engaging and innovative to watch. One can ideally know the pressure condition in the different colleges' education systems, which is very important to watch in the structures of education systems. This movie engages you in the story of the three friends who are pursuing their engineering and experiencing many pressurizes conditions in their semester; on the other hand, they also have the sake in their minds to cope with these harsh conditions as they come across saying all the time"ALL IS WELL" which is by the way the title song of the movie.

In the movie, the pressure conditions of the education system result in suicidal conditions of joy for the final-year student doing the project. The professor is not accepting the projects and asking him to continue his studies. The comedy-drama 3 Idiots focuses on the demanding life of an engineer in India, the burden on their shoulders, and their parents' expectations, which override their future desires to do something different. Three such students are featured: one who wants to be an engineer but is concerned that his low-income family's obligations will prevent him from achieving his goals; another who is not at all interested in engineering and would prefer to pursue another dream; and finally, a mysterious student who wants to be in love with engineering but is also seen having fun and enjoying life most.

Film Review of 3 Idiots

In a lighthearted, humorous, and surprisingly realistic manner, the film informs us about engineering students' realities, from mugging up everything to suicide. However, it also contains some dramatic and melancholy parts that are equally compelling.

So, anyone going for the undergrad programs in real life must watch this movie in advance as the movie perfectly explains the education system and the pressure conditions; this movie is worth watching in every condition and for all ages. It promises plenty of chuckles as well as a sentimental message. There are many films, but only a few stick in your mind and have recall value. A movie like that is called 3 Idiots.


  • Aamir Khan: Amir Khan, an Indian actor, director, and producer who works in Hindi films, was born on March 14, 1965. With a career spanning more than 30 years and the moniker "Mr. Perfectionist" in the media, Khan has made a name for himself as one of the most recognizable performers in Indian film. Khan has received various honors, including nine Filmfare Awards, four National Film Awards, an AACTA Award, and a nomination for an Academy Award for one of his motion pictures.
  • R. Madhavan: Born on June 1, 1970, Ranganathan Madhavan is an Indian actor, writer, director, and producer who mostly works in Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu films. He has received several honors, including four Filmfare Awards South and one Tamil Nadu State Film Award. Madhavan became well-known in Tamil cinema during his professional life because
  • Sharman Joshi: Sharman Joshi, an Indian actor and television host best known for his performances in Hindi films such as Rang De Basanti (2006), Golmaal (2006), Dhol (2007), and 3 Idiots (2009), was born on April 28, 1973. Joshi belongs to a Gujarati Brahmin family of professional artists. His relatives and aunt Sarita Joshi (Bhosle) performed in Gujarati and Marathi theatre, and his father, Arvind Joshi, was a veteran of Gujarati theatre. Rohit Roy, an actor, is his brother-in-law, and Manasi Joshi Roy is his sister.
  • Kareena Kapoor: Kareena Kapoor Khan is an Indian actress who works in Hindi films; she was born on September 21, 1980. She is the younger sister of actress Karisma Kapoor and the child of actors Randhir Kapoor and Babita. One of Bollywood's highest-paid actresses, Kapoor is renowned for portraying various roles in various film genres, from romantic comedies to criminal dramas. She has won several honors, including six Filmfare Awards. She has done amazing in 3 Idiots as Rancho's girlfriend and the perfect doctor. She is very important in the movie scenes as she has a different perspective from Rancho. She played the awesome role of Pia in the movie.
  • Boman Irani: Boman Irani is a perfect Indian actor, an awesome photographer, and the perfect voice artist who works in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, and Malayalam cinema. He has acted in more than a hundred films in his career. Irani was born on December 2, 1959, in Mumbai. In this movie, he plays the role of the perfect professor in the college.


  • All Izz Well
  • Behti Hawa Sa Tha
  • Zoobi Doobi
  • Jaane Nahi denge
  • Give me some sunshine

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