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Firebase Crashlytics

Firebase Crashlytics

Firebase Crashlytics is a realtime, lightweight crash reporter who helps us to track, fix, and prioritize stability issues which destroy our app quality. Crashlytics protect us at the time of troubleshooting by intelligently grouping crashes and highlighting the circumstances which lead up to them.

Firebase Crashlytics allows developers to get clear, actionable insight into application issues. If a particular crash is impacting a lot of users, developers can easily find it out. When an issue suddenly increases in rapidity, the developers get alerts and can figure out which lines of code are causing crashes.

Firebase Crashlytics

Key Capabilities

S.No Capabilities Description
1. Curated crash reports Crashlytics incorporates the avalanche of crashes into a manageable list of issues, exposes the severity and prevalence of crashes, and provides relevant information so that you can pinpoint the root cause faster.
2. Cures for the common crash Crashlytics provide Crash Insight and useful tips that highlight common stability issues as well as provide resources that make them easier to troubleshoot, triage, and solve.
3. Integrated with Analytics Crashlytics can catch our app errors as app_exception events in Analytics. Events make it easy for us to debug, allowing us to access a list of other events leading to each crash, and provide audience insights by allowing us to pull up Analytics reports for users with crashes.
4. Realtime alerts Receive real-time alerts for new issues, retrieved problems, and escalating issues that may require immediate attention.

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