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Firebase In-App Messaging

Firebase In-App Messaging

In-App Messaging is similar to Cloud Messaging, except messages are sent to the app, not to the device. It helps us to engage our app's active users by sending them contextual targeted messages which encourage them to use key app features. For example, we could send an In-App message for getting users to subscribe, complete a level, watch a video, or buy an item. We can customize messages as banners, cards, images, or modals, and set up events so that they appear exactly when they had benefits our user most.

The goal of Firebase is to make it easier for developers to engage their active users within their app and guide users in the right direction to do valuable work. Firebase In-App Messaging helps to grow our app retention. The targeted contextual messages are sent in the form of Modals and Banners. We can set up triggers so that they appear exactly as they had benefit our users most.

Firebase In-App Messaging

Use Cases

  1. For showing a welcome message on the app_launch event.
  2. For showing a particular notice on the app_update event.
  3. For showing festival, birthday wish card.
  4. For showing discount offers on a particular day.

Key Capabilities

Firebase In-App Messaging is capable of performing the following things:

Send relevant, engaging messages

Firebase In-App Messaging sends messages when they are most required and when the users are actually using in our app. When the user visits our in-App store, scale-out the big sales, not when they are in line at the grocery store. Highlight cool, new levels when users play our game, not when they are sitting around watching a big game.

Target messages by behavior or audience

Firebase In-App Messaging works with prediction and analytics to provide tools to deliver messages to the users, we want to reach the most. The messages are sent on the basis of users 'past behavior, demographics, or even prediction of their future behavior.

Create flexible, custom alerts

Firebase In-App Messaging helps us to do everything from sending promotional offers to update users for a new version of our app with the ability to customize our messages 'style, display triggers, appearance, and content all in a few clicks'.

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