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Firebase SDK: Authentication using email/password

In our previous sections, we have learned how authentication is done using Firebase UI either for email/password or email link/no password. In this section, we will learn how the Firebase SDK is used for authentication. Firebase SDK is slightly the same as Firebase UI. Let's see the steps for implementing email/password authentication using Firebase SDK.


In the first step, we have to perform the preliminary steps, which are as follows:

  1. Creating an Android project.
  2. Creating a Firebase project.
  3. Adding Firebase to the Android project or application, either manually or Firebase Assistance.
  4. Adding the required libraries and JSON files.
  5. Enable email/password sign-in method in Firebase console.

Step 2:

After performing the preliminary steps, we will create a register, login, and sign-out activities.

Firebase SDK Authentication using email password

Step 3:

In the next step, we will code for register activity. The code is as follows:


Step 4:

After that, we will code for login and sign-out activity, respectively. The codes are as follows




Firebase SDK Authentication using email password

Firebase SDK Authentication using email password

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