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WTF stands for WT Forms which is intended to provide the interactive user interface for the user. The WTF is a built-in module of the flask which provides an alternative way of designing forms in the flask web applications.

Why WTF Useful?

WTF is useful due to the following factors.

  • The form elements are sent along with the request object from the client side to the server side. Server-Side script needs to recreate the form elements since there is no direct mapping between the client side form elements and the variables to be used at the server side.
  • There is no way to render the HTML form data at real time.

The WT Forms is a flexible, form rendering, and validation library used to provide the user interface.

Install Flask-WTF

To use the WT forms, we need to install the flask-wtf library which can be installed using pip installer.

The module contains a Form class which is considered as the parent class for all the form related operations.

The standard form fields are listed below.

SN Form Field Description
1 TextField It is used to represent the text filed HTML form element.
2 BooleanField It is used to represent the checkbox HTML form element.
3 DecimalField It is used to represent the text field to display the numbers with decimals.
4 IntegerField It is used to represent the text field to display the integer values.
5 RadioField It is used to represent the radio button HTML form element.
6 SelectField It is used to represent the select form element.
7 TextAreaField It is used to represent text area form element.
8 PasswordField It is used to take the password as the form input from the user.
9 SubmitField It provides represents the <input type = 'submit' value = 'Submit'> html form element.

Consider the following example.


In this example, we will create a form using flask WTF module. First, we will create a form class named as and we will import those form elements into the module




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