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Forensic Movie Review

Movie Plot

A series of distressing episodes occur in the town of Mussoorie as young girls inexplicably disappear on their birthdays and are subsequently found to be mangled corpses. To look into these horrific incidents, Megha, a police investigator, is forced to work with Johnny, her ex-boyfriend, and a forensic specialist. Megha and Johnny's common past?their brothers were formerly married to one another?complicates matters. Megha has prohibited Johnny's brother Abhay from visiting his daughter Aanya due to a tragic incident. Megha and Johnny were both suspended from service as a result of the murders continuing despite the capture of a suspected culprit. They must work their way through the mystery and discover the truth using their knowledge and some good fortune.

Forensic Movie Review


India Times

The investigation into a string of kidnappings in Mussoorie is the subject of the riveting psychological crime thriller "Forensic," in which the forensic department plays a key role in identifying the serial killer. The movie investigates the idea of young people perpetrating a series of killings, taking cues from actual incidents. The Hindi remake by director Vishal Furia keeps some aspects of the original while adding surprising twists, making for a singular and heart-pounding experience.

The film explores how early trauma and psychological factors play a role in the emergence of serial killers and psychopaths."Forensic" demonstrates the ability of the police and forensic departments to solve crimes with its dramatic environment, menacing tone, and compelling twists. 'Forensic' is an engrossing and suspenseful crime thriller, thanks to Radhika Apte and Vikrant Massey's performances and the breathtaking scenery of a small village, mountains, and woodlands.

The New Indian Express

While trying to be a suspenseful criminal thriller set in Mussoorie, "Forensic" regrettably loses focus in the pursuit of twists and turns. The movie follows Vikrant Massey's character, Johnny Khanna, a forensic expert, as he looks into a string of young girl killings. However, the narrative is disjointed and fails to hold the audience's attention. Compared to the original Malayalam version, the character dynamics and relationships are conveniently disclosed through flashbacks, leading to a superficial portrayal. The movie's climax loses its power because it is too obvious. Overall, 'Forensic' falls short of providing a gripping and unforgettable crime thriller experience.

The Quint

The movie "Forensic," starring Radhika Apte and Vikrant Massey, has a promising beginning but falls flat in the end. The Hindi adaptation of the Malayalam original uses transphobic tropes to avoid dealing with a delicate plot twist involving a trans individual. Although Apte and Massey give outstanding performances, the movie has trouble getting going and makes an effort to outsmart the spectator. It isn't a suspenseful thriller and might have used a shorter running duration.


The Malayalam thriller 'Forensic' remake on Zee5 falls short of becoming a worthwhile adaptation. Unnecessary alterations to the movie undermine its basic idea. The story is moved from Thiruvananthapuram to Mussoorie, but this does little to revitalize the movie because it still feels stale and unoriginal. The lack of tension and suspense disengages the audience. Even though the ensemble is talented, notably Radhika Apte and Vikrant Massey, their performances are hampered by poor writing. The plot lacks depth due to the weak romance between the main characters. Overall, "Forensic" failed to captivate viewers or provide a gripping whodunit story.

News 18

In "Forensic," Vikram Massey plays Johnny Khanna, a forensic expert who lives in the scenic hill town of Mussoorie. Johnny decides to solve the mystery of a serial killer who preys on young girls on their birthdays. Despite certain unbelievable components, Massey's acting stands out, striking a balance between seriousness and humor. The movie includes supporting stories about Johnny's marital problems and his brother's terrible death.

The gloomy atmosphere is lightened by Massey's charisma and friendly banter with his wife. Johnny uses his skills to explore the scientific facets of forensic investigation and presents fascinating analytical results. When Megha's niece goes missing, the plot thickens, building to a shocking conclusion. Even if the movie is compelling and expertly constructed, some script changes could have raised the film's total score.

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