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Free Directory Submission Sites

Using the Directory Submissions site for online business submission is a great way to get noticed. We've all used telephone directories to look up people's phone numbers and addresses in the past. Similarly, by searching on these Directory Submission pages, we may find some business details. Directory submission is an important component of off-page SEO techniques. We have to select the best Directory Submission site to apply the company's information like website description, name, link, etc.

In this article, we are going to discuss the free directory submission sites with their features.

What are Directory Submission sites?

Directory submission is the process of uploading the website URL and information to a directory under a certain category on the internet. It is a method for improving connection building. It is an off-page aspect that helps in the optimization of the website. The website is submitted to another website in these directories.

We may apply the website to one of several categories. For example, if we have a health-related website, we will submit it to the health category, which will help us get backlinks. In one way, it is really interesting to build links. In the same way, as phone directories have a list of phone numbers, these directories have a list of websites in each category. It is an off-page SEO component that may help us gain high-quality do-follow backlinks from high-authority directory submission sites and increase the website's search engine ranking.

Types of Directory Submission Sites

There are various types of Directory Submissions that we can use to get quality backlinks for the website. We should choose a website based on its merits and features. There are seven types of directory submission sites, and these are as follows:

1. Free Directory Submission

It takes a long time to produce results. Furthermore, there is no assurance that the administrator will approve the link submission.

2. Paid Directory Submission

To upload the business details here, we must pay the site administrator. However, it is the fastest way to produce high-quality backlinks. In addition, some websites have an annual or lifetime bundle of robust Directory submission services.

3. Manual Directory Submission

As the name implies, we must complete the entire task on our own. Nonetheless, Google and other search engines frown on deliberate ranking attempts.

4. Automatic Directory Submission

There are online resources that we can use to apply these directories.

5. Niche Directory Submission

It accepts RSS feeds, Web hosting, script and apps, Web designers, blogs, and other online businesses in its functional domain. Each Niche Directory Submission focuses on a specific topic that we might find in a general directory's category list. The frequency of the ties here determines the SERP rating parameters. With a higher rating, search engines can visit the website more often, increasing the site traffic.

6. Do-follow Directory Submission

Bloggers should use this strategy to increase organic traffic to their blogs and their blog rankings. We must choose Do-follow directories that will help us to accelerate the growth and overall SERP ranking.

7. No-follow Directory Submission

The No-follow attribute has become controversial because it often fails to achieve the desired result. For example, if we have chosen to add the site connection to a No-follow Directory Submission site, make a calculated pass.

Importance of Directory Submission in SEO

Directory submission, as a fundamental component of off-page optimization, aids in search engine optimization. Directory submissions also increase traffic to the website and help us to obtain high-quality no-follow backlinks. Directory Submission is an important SEO practice for obtaining high-quality backlinks. Search engines still value quality backlinks. Directory Submission sites will help us to generate quality backlinks for the website on a long-term basis. Directory Submission sites are one of the tried-and-true methods for SEO ranking or connection diversity in general.

Directory submissions help to boost the page's rank by generating authority backlinks. It is a must for those who have just recently started blogging. By uploading the URL to web directories, we can see an increase in the rankings of the website and blog.

Method of making Directory Submission in SEO

When making Directory Submissions for successful SEO, make sure to choose a category that is relevant to the niche. Next, look for and learn about the directories that are best suited to the website. Finally, find a specific category where we must submit a link or insert the blog's URL before submitting the website or blog. That's all, and we are done!

Various steps may be taken to use the directory submission in SEO. For example, to obtain high-quality backlinks, upload the website to the top blog directories, such as:

Step 1: A bit of groundwork. Before submitting to any Directory Submission site, you should complete some easy pre-submission tasks that will make the submission much easier. Save the following file forms in a notepad:

  • The Website URL
  • The address and contact details.
  • Detailed information about the site.

Step 2: Find the top-performing directory sites on the internet. Remember that the Directory site we choose must have a high DA.

Step 3: Now, we may find the options including Submit website, add a website, submit, and many more.

Step 4: Most Directory Submission sites provide both a free and a paid version of the submission.

Step 5: By clicking the button, we may submit the website and the appropriate business information.

Step 6: We will get the confirmation mail after the submission is made.

What we do during Directory Submission

When using free Directory Submission sites for website submission, keep the following do and don'ts in mind:

  1. Firstly, take a look at the platform's analytical questions before listing them. These questions will be unique because we can categorize the company and related details in the shortest amount of time. Examine the outbound links on the group connection pages. It will give a good idea of how useful this platform will be for submission.
  2. Read the Directory Submission site's instructions carefully. It is important because each site does have its own set of laws and regulations. Remember that each Directory Submission site provides a diverse range of categories from which we may choose the most appropriate one for listing the website. If we choose the incorrect category by mistake, the listing will be rendered ineffective.
  3. We must use accurate and appropriate titles and descriptions. The title must include the major targeted keyword used in the anchor text. Create a description using the page's main keywords. Make sure the keywords aren't crammed into the description.
  4. Check to see if the major search engines index the directory. If search engines don't cache it, the connection isn't useful. To improve the site, apply it to sites with a high domain authority (DA).
  5. If we go through the manual submission path, the performance is dependent on the resources we use. If we upload a website regularly, we may use RoboForm for autofill password protection with end-to-end encryption.
  6. Use just a few keywords in the anchor text, and avoid being spammy. Don't use the same anchor text and explanation for all of the links. Different keywords should be targeted, and each link's definition should be tweaked.
  7. Always consider the web directory's domain authority while making a submission.This single action determines the validity of the site listing. It allows performing a simple directory search.
  8. When it comes to link building, the quality of the links is important. A good link is often preferable to a slew of bad ones. High-quality directories will help the website rank higher in search results.
  9. Check the status of the submission regularly, as some sites do not accept submissions right away. Top sites may also charge a fee for submission.

Things that we don't do during the Directory Submission

There are various steps that we require to follow when we use the free directory submission sites. These are as follows:

  1. Some directories do not allow submissions of the same material twice a month. In this situation, most sites return error messages like "Domain already exists in this directory". If we haven't already, do the homework before choosing the appropriate category and resubmit.
  2. Sites may show an 'under construction' status at times, or they may have broken graphics or links. Stop selecting it as a submission. Wait until the site is fully operational and ready for use.
  3. If we see that a Directory Submission site has many of the same types of content, we should avoid using it for the site submission. Many submissions of the same piece of content may result in the deletion of that site and its affiliates.
  4. Link farms, unsafe neighborhoods, and free-for-all (FFA) links should all be avoided as they can be harmful to the web.
  5. Never send identical URLs since other sites in the directory can be using the same URLs.
  6. Avoid submitting the pages to mirror sites because they have identical URLs and contents.
  7. If a site redirects to another URL, don't forget to post it to that site.

Link Building Directories Submission for SEO

It is critical to developing ourselves on the internet once we have created the website for the company. It may be accomplished by the use of social media, emails, and SEO optimization. Both of these methods will drive traffic to the website, raise awareness, and increase sales. In addition, listing the website in online directories will help us to boost the web presence significantly.

Internet users will not search these directories, but the search engines will count these. We will improve the SEO ranking by increasing the online presence with the help of the internet. The brand appearance name around the site is taken into account by several search engines. Consider these directories as a way to obtain online citations that will support the promotion of the website. Furthermore, web directories are excellent sources of backlinks to aid in link-building efforts. Adding the website to certain directories is more of an off-page SEO strategy, but it's really effective.

Free Directory Submission sites

There are various free directory submission sites on the internet. Some of them are as follows:

  1. High-Rank Directory
  2. Marketing Internet Directory
  3. Free PR Web Directory
  4. Submission Web Directory
  5. Pro-Link Directory
  6. Gain Web Org
  7. Finance Buster
  8. Directory Fire
  9. UK internet Directory
  10. Travel Tourism Directory Info
  11. All free things
  12. Free Classifieds
  13. Finder Master
  14. A1 web directory
  15. 247 web directories

Benefits of Directory Submission Sites

Here, we are going to discuss the benefits of directory submission sites. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Increase link popularity

We'll get high-quality backlinks from directory submission, which is one of the key advantages. Backlinks are essential to search engines, and directory submission will provide the website with the required backlinks. It is an easier method of getting website links. Free directory submission sites offer us a distinct advantage in terms of SEO and connection diversity.

Generate traffic to the blog

The directory listings would appear in search engine results if we used the right keywords in the submissions. Thus, it will send traffic to the website even if it does not rank highly in search engines.

Better search engine rankings

We will get essential online exposure by placing the website in the top directories. Directory submission is an excellent way to increase connection popularity and improve search engine rankings. While most SEO experts argue that the freest directory submission sites are useless in improving SEO performance, they are certainly worth a shot.

Indexing of blogs and pages posts

Directory submission provides search engine indexing. The website will be indexed in the search engines after we submit it to directories. The hyperlinks from other websites help the search engines find the website.

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