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Freelance Web Developer

The freelance web developer combines two words, i.e., 'Freelance' and 'Web Developer'.

To understand more about a freelance web developer, we need to understand the freelancers and Web developers before it.

Freelance Web Developer

What are Freelancer and its role?

  • Freelancers, in other words, we can call them self-employed individuals who want to work on by themselves, without indulging others.
  • The main reason to become a freelancer is to earn more money without any limitations as one will face in a particular job.
  • In a job, one is getting money on a monthly salary basis, and they have to do a lot of work for a company, and still, they got fixed salary.
  • The second main reason for an individual to become a freelancer is that they do not want to work under someone else or work for a particular company or organization; they want to work independently and be a master for themselves.
  • They work for themselves to explore more and learn more.
  • Freelancers are an independent worker who works based on particular project or task and earns money.
  • They are not bound to complete their task; they can work freely anytime and whenever they want.
  • Anyone can be a freelancer based on a skill set and level of interest, and one can do a daily task and earn money.
  • Freelancers have the freedom to do work from home and also have flexible work hours.
  • Rather than working on a regular salary basis, they work for themselves and earn money for their completed task.
  • Few examples of freelancers are Freelance Web developer, Content-writer, Graphic designer, the marketer who sells their product and work, individual writing lyrics of songs, article writers who write articles daily, and so many.

What is Freelancing?

  • The word derived from the Freelancer is freelancing.
  • Freelancing is the process of doing work independently by an individual called Freelancer.
  • Freelancing is a contract-based profession where an individual, instead of being recruited for a company or an organization, works on their skills and earns money for a particular task; these tasks may be daily, weekly, or other, depending on the role they have chosen.
  • Remember, every work from home job is not necessarily to be freelancing. But Freelancing can be work from home.
  • A work from home job sometimes also includes a contract between an employee and an employer, who ultimately gives the salary to an employee, but it does not mean Freelancing.
  • Freelancing always doesn't mean that you will work from home; sometimes, it may lead a freelancer to work from the office.

What are Web Developer and its role?

  • Web developers are persons who design the layout of websites.
  • The main role of web developers is to develop a user-friendly interface and design various websites.
  • An individual working as a web developer is provided with a particular task, such as developing a banking system website or developing a particular organization or company website.
  • Web developers are making the website using various essential skills and languages like HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), JavaScript and other high-level languages like Python, JAVA, C++, C# and so many.
  • A student pursuing engineering can become a good web developer if having relevant skills and interests.
  • Besides engineering, students interested in web development can easily pursue their careers as web developers and explore more.

Now, we have a brief idea about the role of freelance, what exactly freelancing means, who are freelancers and what are web developers and their roles or responsibilities.

Let us come with our topic, i.e., 'Freelance web developer '.

What is a Freelance Web Developer?

  • Freelance Web Developers are an individual who works on a contract basis and constructs a website for a particular client according to their vision.
  • Freelance Web Developers have the freedom to do work from home and can do work within a flexible work hour before the deadline can submit their work when its task is completed.
  • They can work independently for themselves and make the desired web pages.
  • Their earning's are not fixed or not specifically based on the monthly salary basis; they can earn a lot of money within a day, as per task they have completed.
  • They are not working as an employee for a particular company or organization.
  • Freelance web developers are free to choose their price level, choose clients to work with, and work upon many projects at a time as they want to do; it depends on their level of knowledge, persistency, and ability to work in a day.

How to Become a Freelance Web Developer?

Freelance Web Developer

As we all know, web development is one of the most important and demanding in today's world. Web development has a great scope of earning money if someone is interested in it and wants to pursue their career.

Let us have a look at the certain steps that one should take to work as a freelance web developer -

  1. Select your domain and increase your knowledge
  2. Start working on your skills.
  3. Make some projects.
  4. Start marketing your projects by publishing them on an online forum.
  5. Build your network
  6. Stay updated and connected with the world of web development

Now, we will understand one by one about these steps in detail -

1. Select your domain and increase your knowledge

First of all, you need to choose your domain or field of interest to work upon it later and pursue your career. There are various domains like web development, Graphic designer, App development, and so on. Each domain has its importance and knowledge specifications. Here, if you refer to this web page, it is clear that your domain is chosen; after that, you all need to increase your knowledge by learning the necessary skills and programming languages, which will further help you make web pages and websites.

The skill mentioned above refers to the knowledge of all programming languages necessary to develop web pages and websites; also, it includes the knowledge of the domain-specific frameworks, which be helpful for someone who wants to become a successful web developer.

Freelance Web Developer

These domain-specific frameworks and languages include -

  • HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is used to develop and describe the structure of web pages.
  • CSS stands for Cascaded Style Sheet, used to define the styles of our webpages; it all depends on the web developer what style or look they want to give to their webpages.
  • JavaScript is used to add dynamic behaviour to the webpage and provides special effects to the webpage.

Some other front-end framework libraries are as follows -

  • AngularJs - It is a JavaScript framework library. AngularJs is an open-source front-end framework mainly used to develop a single webpage application.
  • Js - It is also one of the javascript framework libraries. React.js is an efficient, declarative and flexible library for building user interfaces. It is also an open-source library used for from end development of web pages; it mainly deals with the application's view layer.
  • Flutter is an open-source UI ( User Interface ) development SDK ( Software Development Kit ) managed by Google. The prime thing in flutter is flat development which is made easier, expressive and flexible UI. It provides native performance and is used for developing web, mobile and desktop applications.

Some Back-end framework libraries and languages are as follows -

  • Python is widely used and an easier high-level programming language used for many purposes. Django is one of the frameworks of Python used to develop the webpages. Although it is a very famous, advanced, and widely used programming language, its syntax is quite easy and familiar compared to other programming languages. It is more suitable for back-end web development also.
  • PHP stands for Hypertext processor; it is used for back-end web development. It played an important role in the world of web development. Certain PHP frameworks are used for back-end web development, i.e., Symphony, Laravel, and so many. PHP is open-source server-side scripting or programming language, and it does not require any compiler for running and interpreting the code. PHP has supported all major operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, etc.
  • JAVA is another very important programming language used for back-end web development. It uses all the concepts of Object-oriented programming known as Oops, and Object-oriented programming is widely used to develop enterprise-scale web applications.

From the above languages mentioned, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used for front-end web development. Python, PHP, Java, and many other programming languages are used for back-end web development.

2. Start working on your skills

Before coming to this point, you must know the above Front-end frameworks and languages and have a piece of knowledge about the back-end as mentioned above languages.

You all need to choose a particular framework and learn the languages which require for web development. If you are a starter (beginner), don't know anything in web development and want to start with scratch, then follow the steps mentioned below -

Freelance Web Developer
  • Make a command over HTML and CSS. Once you have expertise in these two languages after then, you need to go for javaScript.
  • For learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript, refer to various famous tutorials like JavaTpoint, GeeksforGeeks, W3school, Stackoverflow, etc.
  • Also, you can join the online forums that provide training courses like Coursera, Udemy, Edx, IBM Skills Build,
  • As we all know, we cannot learn these languages in one day, do not be in a hurry, take time and try to learn gradually; definitely, you will succeed in your learning.
  • If you succeed in making a command over HTML and CSS and have a basic knowledge about JavaScript, then try to explore more and move into deep and learn about various libraries in JavaScript that helps in web development.
  • After then, If you want to explore and learn more in web development, especially for a back-end developer, then you need to make a command over one of the programming languages, such as Python, Java, etc. Python is a very easier high-level programming language as compared with the other programming languages. Also, Django in Python is specially used for web development; hence one should choose Python programming language for back-end web development.

Hence in the above way, by following the steps as mentioned above one by one, you all need to work on your skills and increase your knowledge level.

3. Make some projects

After specializing in the skills mentioned above and languages, start generating some relevant project ideas and make those projects efficiently and effectively. Remember that the projects should be user-friendly and much attractive, like real-time projects, do not make projects to show off in your resume or impress clients, make projects that satisfy your satisfaction level.

Before making projects, always think that you are a client and want that project, and develop your project at that level.

Initially, I knew that you do not have many ideas, and you cannot decide which project you have to start with. So, to get the solutions to these problems, you need to do research, go through the various project guiding famous tutorials like JavaTpoint, GeeksforGeeks, W3school, Stackoverflow, etc. you can take the various projects ideas from the above online forums; also you can visit major YouTube channels, which will do guide you for your projects also, they will make some projects, you can also learn from there.

At first need to create your portfolio website, which is a good step for a web development project and include all the skills and languages you have learned; try to make it the best you can.

Secondly, start making mini-projects, and note the duration of completion; these mini-projects will help you increase your skills, and implementing your skills practically will generate the next level of confidence in you. Try to reduce the duration of time for completion of a project, so that it would save your time and at that rest time you can explore more things which make your project much better.

At last, if you have made some mini projects, then try to make big projects and include all the variations; it will be a great step for a better practice.

4. Start marketing your projects by publishing them on an online forum

After completing your projects, initially post your portfolio website on various online forums like GitHub, LinkedIn, etc. The main benefit is that many people visit your portfolio, know about you, and be in touch with you. After then post your projects on GitHub, the people worldwide give you the rating accordingly. You will get to know your position in the market and work on yourself more to become a good web developer from that rate point.

5. Build your network

After publishing a few of your projects on the above mentioned online forums, Build a network by connecting with many other freelancers and clients of the relevant field. Always get in touch with other influencers of your domain and other Potential clients both online and offline.

6. Stay updated and connected with the world of web development

Remember, never stop learning and enraging your knowledge level; always learn new things and implement them in your current working projects. Try to explore more ideas of projects and work accordingly to the present demand and needs of the clients.

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