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Frontend Testing VS. Backend Testing

In this section, we are going to see the difference between Frontend Testing and Backend Testing. The frontend and backend are mostly used technical teams in the computer industry.

Generally, a web-based application is three-tier architecture application. The first layer is the presentation layer known as Front-end, and the third layer is the database layer known as backend.

Frontend Testing VS. Backend Testing

What is Frontend Testing?

It is a type of software testing used to evaluate the presentation layer of a three-tier architecture in a web application.

In a web application, frontend testing will include the analysis of multiple components such as:

  • Menus
  • Graphs
  • Forms
  • Reports and related JavaScript.

The word Frontend testing is used to covers a diversity of testing approaches.

To execute the frontend testing, a test engineer required a good knowledge of business necessities. It can be executed either manually or with the help of some automation tools.

Fundamentally, it is performed on the UI (user interface), which is also known as the presentation layer in a three-tier architecture.

What is Backend Testing?

Another part of software testing is backend testing, which is used to test the application and Database layer of a 3-Tier Architecture in a web application.

Essentially, in order to perform the back-end testing, we do not require any GUI (Graphical User Interface) as it is achieved on the AUI (Application User Interface) and database.

That's why we can pass the data directly with browsers' help and the parameters needed for the specific function. And to retrieve the response in a nearly predefined format, such as XML or JSON.

We can also connect to the database directly and validate the data with the help of SQL commands.

To test the backend and application layers, we can go for the backend testing.

After seeing the brief introduction of frontend and backend testing, we will understand the comparison between them.

Difference between Frontend Testing and Backend Testing

In the below table, we have listed some of the important differences between frontend and backend testing.

Frontend Testing VS. Backend Testing
S.NO Frontend testing Backend testing
1. It is executed on the presentation layer of the 3-tier architecture. It is performed on the Application and Database layer of the 3-tier architecture.
2. It is always performed on the Graphical user interface (GUI). It is always implemented on the Application User Interface (AUI).
3. While performing the frontend testing, we do not require to store any information in a database. While performing the backend testing, we need to store the data in the database.
4. The understanding of requirements is necessary in order to execute the frontend testing. The understanding of the database is essential to execute the backend testing.
5. It will analyze the overall capabilities of the application. It will analyze the deadlock, data corruption, or data loss.
6. In GUI-based frontend testing, the resources are centrally achieved in cloud computing. In AUI based backend testing, the resources are executed on a collaboration pattern in Grid Computing.
7. Knowledge about the automation frameworks tools like QTP, Selenium is mandatory to perform the Frontend testing. Knowledge about SQL (Structured Query Language) language concepts is compulsory to implement the backend testing.
8. Frontend testing includes the verification of the application and checks the performance of application whether it is working according to the requirement. Backend testing execution makes sure that the data is continuing as there is no performance hit.
9. System testing and Acceptance Testing, unit testing, accessibility testing, and regression testing are performed under frontend testing. The database testing (API testing and SQL testing) are performed under backend testing.
10. Just like other types of testing frontend testing also contains some tools, which are as follows:
  • LiveReload
  • Karma
  • Grunt
To execute the backend testing, we have some tools available in the market, which are as follows:
  • DTM Data Generator
  • TurboData
  • Data Factory


In this tutorial, we have made the difference between the frontend and backend testing. And we can conclude that both testings' play a significant role in software testing.

The frontend testing contains HTML, JS, CSS, and images, whereas the backend testing contains the business logic testing and database testing.

Frontend and backend testing has different activities implemented by the developers that work on both ends of the line.

Finally, we can say that the frontend means the browser and the backend, the server, or, more recently, the cloud.

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