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What is the full form of IAC

IAC : International Administration Centre

IAC also stands for International Administration Centre. It is the official office of the IPA (International Police Association). It is located in Nottingham, United Kingdom. IPA is a friendly organization for police force members whether retired or employed irrespective of their rank, gender, race, religion, etc.

IAC Full Form

It is a non-government organization that aims to create and maintain a friendly relationship between members of the police service and to promote international cooperation.

The main functions of IAC are listed below:

  1. To assist the International executive board
  2. To support IPA National Sections
  3. To be the first point of contact for the general public and members
  4. To prepare and distribute the information for the IPA
  5. To create and share the IPA Newsletter, and more.

How to become a member of IAC/ IPA?

One can visit the national sections on its website to become a member of this organization. There will be a list of countries, if your country is on the list, you can contact directly and request further information for joining. In case your country is not listed, you can join as a Foreign Associate Member of an existing section and to get information regarding this you can contact the International Administration Centre or fill a general enquiry form.

What IAC/IPA offers?

  • Travel: The IPA members travel as part of a group or individually to meet other members across the world. The IPA friendship weeks and special interest events are very popular among the members. The association also provides assistance while you travel individually or with your family.
  • IPA Houses: The association offers IPA houses and other accommodation options for its members. These houses are located across the world where IPA member can stay during their visit.
  • Education & Information Centre: The association has a training centre located in the mountains of Germany. It is a centre for furthering your education and offers various seminars for its members.
  • Sports: The members of the association can take part in various tournaments and events across the world such as football, table tennis, cycling and marathons, etc.
  • Young Police Officers' Seminar: It is organized once every two years for serving officers who are less likely to travel due to their junior status or budget constraints.
  • Interest Groups: IPA also provides interest groups across the world for its members. Such as motorcycling groups, hiking clubs, collector or trading clubs, etc.

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