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Funeral Alternatives

We all know from a young age that we will all end up six feet in the ground, but little do we realize that the twenty-first century will change things a bit. Now it's cool to check out. You may be 3D printed into a clothes peg, or your ashes can be sent into space, becoming true space dust.

Funeral Alternatives

The disadvantage is that there will be death, but we can ignore that for the time being and try to be excited or even terrified, depending on the situation?for what is to come for our loved ones and us.

Traditional Funeral in the Ground: Ground funerals are the most popular and traditional way of being buried, even though they are not environmentally friendly. In a local cemetery, bodies are often buried six feet underground in caskets or coffins.

Over the body's grave, headstones are frequently built above ground to mark the name and dates of birth and death. Family members now have a place to gather and express their respects.

1. Cremation:

Funeral Alternatives

Cremation is one of the most popular ways of burial; you may do it for personal or religious reasons. The body is exposed to high heat, which causes it to burn and produce "ashes."

The ashes are given to the family after cremation so they can scatter them in a chosen location or keep them close by, normally in an Urn.

2. Mummification:

Funeral Alternatives

Mummification is usually associated with ancient Egyptian historical funerals. However, this burial style has been modernized and is still performed in some societies, although not as common as other burial rites today.

This process, also known as Plastination or mummification, involves submerging the body in a liquid tank to preserve it.

3. Funeral in trees:

Funeral Alternatives

In countries like the Philippines, tree funeral is a popular idea to keep wild animals away from their bodies. In this unique method of interment, bodies are placed in trees or buried in tree trunks.

Another option for concealing bodies is to place them in a casket or blanket attached to a tree. A unique approach to preserving the memory of the departed and providing loved ones with a distinctive way to honor them is through tree funerals.

4. Cryonics:

Funeral Alternatives

Cryonics is still being studied today and is frequently utilized for neurological patients. It is the act of becoming frozen. It is believed that freezing the body may revive the person due to technological advances.

The process of being frozen without causing tissue damage is known as cryonics. If I were "resting" for a while, I would request a memory foam mattress since I fear the pain in my back when I wake up.

5. Planting of Trees:

Funeral Alternatives

One of the more recent burial rituals that have received attention is burying your ashes with a tree seed that won't alter the DNA of the tree.

Planting Trees is a fantastic kind of burial by being good for the environment and providing a particular gathering place for family and friends to come and commemorate the dearly departed.

6. Aquamation:

Funeral Alternatives

Being "bathed" in water is a process known as aquamation, which hastens the decomposition process. This isn't the most dignified method to bury or dispose of a person, but some people consider it preferable to being burned to death in a furnace.

7. Resomation:

Funeral Alternatives

Resomation is an environmentally friendly form of interment that uses high pressure and an alkali and water-based solution to break down the body. That is nice. As a result, the body decomposes into a liquid and bone ash.

While the bone ash is gathered and put into an Urn, the liquid may be recycled into the environment by pouring it onto a garden or other natural area, much as how ashes are spread.

8. Funeral in Space:

Funeral Alternatives

The coolest choice and one of my favorites. We should start saving, please. Going to space is never too late. Ashes or, for a larger expense, the complete dead person's body might be launched into space as part of a space funeral.

Although it isn't the most environmentally friendly funeral method, this is perhaps one of the most fascinating. Pricey as well. For space funerals, Celestis conducts commemorative space flights.

9. Dissolution:

Funeral Alternatives

A body may be easily and quickly dissolved by being placed in a tank of strong chemicals, which causes the body's cells to break down quickly. To preserve space and hasten the dissolution process, the body is frequently split into different parts, like a scene from one of your darkest nightmares or a terrible serial killer film.

10. Promession:

Funeral Alternatives

Promession is an environmentally friendly form of burial. When the body is frozen in liquid nitrogen and transformed into a powder, it is converted into a fertilizer, similar to cow manure. Adding it to the soil, which eventually degrades into compost, promotes plant growth.

11. Plastination:

Funeral Alternatives

Plastination of the body is the process of sucking out all liquids and leaving just the body's tissue mass, which preserves it and stops the body from decomposing.

Amazingly, the body is transformed into a mannequin that looks like plastic and is utilized for instructional purposes.

12. Exposure:

Funeral Alternatives

Exposure, sometimes known as a sky burial, is highly popular in places like Tibet, where the earth is unsuitable for burials. A lack of resources makes it impossible to cremate bodies. It is released back into the wild so that wildlife and the environment may dispose of the body organically.

People have indeed been devoured and left to decay. To hasten the deteriorating process, doctors frequently remove skin or limbs. Then, to draw animals, they cover the body with a combination of milk, flour, tea, and barley.

13. Diamond Memorials:

Funeral Alternatives

One for the Mrs., if she likes diamonds so much, tell her that if she isn't careful, she will become one sooner rather than later. Similar to how genuine diamonds are created, but more quickly, memorial diamonds are created by applying pressure on the deceased's hair or ashes. After that, you may turn it into jewelry or use it as a remembrance for your loved ones.

14. Coffins That Hang:

Funeral Alternatives

Ancient burial rituals included hanging coffins. However, they are no longer used along coastlines. The bodies were hung on a cliff, but it is unknown how they put them; it is still a mystery to modern society.

15. Sea Burial:

Funeral Alternatives

There are other ways to be buried besides being buried six feet beneath, becoming an ornament or a precious stone, or going into space. For cultural, religious, and religious reasons, burials frequently occur in the sea, particularly among sailors.

Most of the time, a small boat is used to toss you into the water while you are wrapped in a blanket. Think more of a little wooden row boat than a luxurious yacht.

16. Donation of a body:

Funeral Alternatives

Some organs may not need to be replaced after death. Following the advancements in modern medicine, body and organ donations are vital and may frequently save lives or significantly improve the lives of persons with critical diseases. Before it was possible to donate organs, cadavers were often used in medical research.

17. Ornament:

Funeral Alternatives

Graphic designers who wish to become disposable pieces of plastic now have a wide variety of new opportunities thanks to the advancements in 3D printing technology. Weiki Somers has developed a method for using a 3D printer to transform human ashes into ornaments. Great, to be honest.

18. Become a coral reef:

Funeral Alternatives

It is ironic that although people are destroying coral worldwide, they could one day help save it by passing away. As we have spoken about, there are several ways to pass into the afterlife, and one is by becoming a coral reef.

The business Eternal Reef places your cremated remains into a submerged coral reef grave. This will draw vibrant marine life and make for an excellent location for some scuba diving.

19. Ash to Portraits:

Funeral Alternatives

It can produce a wonderful work of art by combining ashes with paint, even though it seems like it could be better. However, a person who has lost a loved one may find this to be of immeasurable sentimental worth.

20. Ash becoming fireworks:

Funeral Alternatives

There are, as we've seen, a variety of creative, artistic, and experimental methods to scatter or bury someone's ashes, but this is the most explosive. The simple addition of ashes to a firework results in a colorful and violent farewell.

The Conclusion:

Funeral Alternatives

Therefore, we hope this article Funeral Alternatives have been helpful to you all. You have the option of choosing between some pricey and affordable funeral solutions.

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