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Gaalipata 2 Review

About the Movie

Directed and Written by Yogaraj Bhat
Produced by Ramesh Reddy
Music by Arjun Janya
Starring Anant Nag, Ganesh, Diganth, Pawan Kumar, Samyukta Menon, Sharmeila Mandre, and Vaibhavi Shandilya
Production Company Suraj Production
Distributed by KVN Productions
Primary Release Language Kannada
Duration 151 Min.
Country India
Movie Budget Approx. 25 Crore INR
Box Office Collection Approx. 35 Crore INR
IMDb Rating 6.1/ 10


The Kannada movie Gaalipata 2 was released on August 12, 2022. This romantic comedy film is a perfect blend of happiness, fun and real-life events. Although Gaalipata 2 is not the immediate sequel of the first part of Gaalipata that came out in 2008, some characters of the movie are included in this version too.

Gaalipata 2 Review

In the film Gaalipata 2, Ganesh is accompanied by Diganth and actor-filmmaker Pawan Kumar, along with the three actresses: Samyuktha Menon, Vaibhavi Shandilya, and Sharmila Mandre. The film also stars veteran actor Anant Nag in the lead role, along with Rangayana Raghu and Sudha Belawadi. The movie is about the friendship between three boys, Gani (portrayed by Ganesh), Diganth (portrayed by Diganth) and Bhooshan (portrayed by Pawan Kumar), and how they find their love on a long journey of their life.


Three friends, Ganesh, Diganth, and Bhushan, decide to visit Neer Kote to meet their favourite professor, Kishore Meshtru. He asks for their assistance in finding his lost son, Revanth. From that incident, the story goes back in time to show how the boys made their partners fall for them.

Gani starts loving Shwetha (portrayed by Vaibhavi Shandilya), while Diganth falls in love with his ex-girlfriend Anupama (portrayed by Samyuktha Menon). Both actresses are shown to be studying in the same college. Apart from this, Bhushan gets attracted to his teacher and lecturer, Sharmiela (portrayed by Sharmiela Mandre). During the story, the bond established between all three friends and their professor unveils and viewers are introduced to a kite that acts as a messenger in their life.

Would they be able to locate Revanth (the teacher's son) to fulfil their teacher's last wish in this wide world? That is the plot, and users must see this movie to reach a conclusion.


The best detail about the story of Gaalipata 2 is that it takes into account the strong bond between the student and teacher. Anant Nag, in the character of Kishore Meshtru, comes out as a wise and scholarly teacher who tutors the students not only about bookish education but also shares about his journey of life. On the sidelines, the relationship between the parents and children is also explored.

This film by Yogaraj Bhat is for all generations as it includes the values of family, friendship, and especially Kannada culture. The simple pleasures of life and the beauty of South India, which are far away from modern technology and the artificiality of existence, are the key elements of the movie. All four main characters have had to struggle in life, but they have learned to deal with it on their own. The first half appears to be the serene part of the movie, where the shots of scenic locations are shown to express the quietness in the life of three friends. As they embark on their adventure, the director's message is that sometimes, to find closure, we need to fight our demons and step out of our comfort shells. When the characters end up at the border of Turkey, they have a conversation about the unresolved matters that they always hesitated to express in the past.

The setting, dialogues, music, and characters fit together elegantly, and the story mostly focuses on relevant details. The zenith of the movie is the song titled Prayashaha which leads the movie to its conclusion. Alternatively, the climax was a bit overrated as it didn't go with the audience's expectations. Also, as there are many characters to focus on in the movie, it becomes harder to emphasize all of them. While two love stories had happy endings, the third pair had to endure pain.

In the beginning, Pawan Kumar seems a little out of character in the role of Bhushan, but as the movie progresses, he fits into the character. As always, Digandh won hearts with his acting. Vaibhavi Shandilya, Samyuktha, and Sharmiela Mandre gave their best performance as female leads. Cinematographer Santhosh Rai did great work displaying the scenic beauty of the Kundremukh region.

Some scenes and subjects remind us of the first release of Gaalipata. For instance, just like there was a pig illustrated in the first movie, Yogaraj Bhat has introduced a dog in this release that is living a life better than humans. However, the director has claimed that Gaalipata 2 is not a sequel and should be viewed as a new film by users. Packed with good drama, sound effects, songs, story and message, the audience will not be disappointed once they give it a chance to watch it.


The movie has got all the elements of a good rom-com (meaning romantic comedy), which is a developing genre in the Indian movie industry. The chemistry between the different pairs is elegant, and the suspense in the movie is maintained till the end. The way of presenting the climax could have been better. The movie is surely worth watching at least once.

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