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Gaalodu Movie Review

The movie named Jabardasth and several other television programs helped Sudheer Anand, nicknamed Sudigali Sudheer, gain widespread popularity. Among viewers on TV, he is a well-liked and well-known actor. With the movies "Wanted Pandugod" and "Software Sudheer", he tried his luck on the big screen. For his third film, "Gaalodu", he has decided to tackle a popular theme this time. The film's director, Raja Sekar Reddy Pulicharla, had also previously collaborated with Sudheer on the Software Sudheer film. November 18, 2022, was the cinematic debut of Gaalodu. Let's see how the story of the Gaalodu movie goes and it impresses the audience.

Gaalodu Movie Review

About Gaalodu

Release Date November 18, 2022
Director Raja Sekar Reddy Pulicharla
Producer Raja Sekar Reddy Pulicharla
Starring Gehna Sippy, Sudheer Anand, Shakalaka Shankar, Sapthagiri, Prudvi, Satya Krishna
Music Bheems Ceciroleo
Cinematography Baba Bhaskar, Venkat Deep, Anish
Editor MSR
Genre Action, Romance, Drama
Language Telugu


The lead characters' names are Rajinikanth and Shukla. Shukla, portrayed by Gehna Sippy, who was desperately in love with Raju, a.k.a. Rajini, served as the catalyst. The actor, who was portraying the girl with a nice soul, was endearing and amazing. Comedy actors Sapthagiri, who portrayed a wealthy beggar, and Shakalaka Shankar, who played a chef, performed well and supplied amusing comedy. Prudvi, Satya Krishna, and other side actors made up the cast.

The film's narrative follows the development of a reckless and irresponsible villager. Due to his complete lack of seriousness in life, Sudigali Sudheer (Rajinikanth) is known in his village as Gaalodu. The term 'Gaalodu' typically refers to a lazy man or a workless man. Rajinikanth, a carefree villager, flees to Hyderabad after getting into a conflict with the chieftain's son in the area. While aimlessly exploring the city, he, by chance, encounters Shukla, a sweet young woman from a wealthy family. She tries to help him, and as a result of what happens, she learns more about him and finally falls in love with him. What happens when Shukla falls madly in love with Raj or Rajinikanth? What is Raju running away from? This is the full movie's plot.


(Sudigali Sudheer) Raj, also known as Rajinikanth, wanders aimlessly across the town. In the midst of a poker game, Rajinikanth fights the son of the local Sarpanch. The conflict results in the death of the Sarpanch's son. Because of this, Raj flees the village and reaches Hyderabad. Raj, who recently arrived in the city, spends his time begging people and eating offerings at religious institutions. Shukla, who is presented to Rajinikanth in this time period, is the character played by Gehana Sippy. Shukla offers Rajinikanth a job as a driver at her home after observing the actor's state. Rajinikanth eventually wins her heart. When she made him a proposal, he declined it. Rajinikanth is then taken into custody by the police while they are still in a complicated relationship. Does Rajinikanth spend the rest of his life in jail? Does their love triumph? Raj and Shukla, are they married? You must see the movie Gaalodu if you want to learn more about the story.


Sudigali Sudheer, also known as Sudheer Anand Bayana, who is well-known for being a comedian and presenter on Telugu television, displayed a different and heroic side in the movie Gaalodu. He gave an outstanding performance overall, putting on a sleek appearance, dancing with ease, and fighting with ease in the action scenes. The positive and negative elements of the movie are explained in detail below.

Positive Elements

Sudigali Sudheer shines out despite the movie being a typical love narrative. He is outstanding and has a strong screen presence. Dance in the movie will surprise everyone. When it comes to dancing, he is on par with a movie star. Many people would like Sudheer because of the crowd fighting and his attitude.

The female lead is played by Gehna Sunny, who did a wonderful job. She gets along well with the hero. Shakalaka Shankar and Saptagiri did well in their comedic parts as well.

The soundtrack, composed by Bheems Ciciroleo, is one of the movie's strongest points. All of the tracks are excellent, and the videos were all nicely produced. The combat at the end is also well-styled.

Negative Elements

The movie is poor on the emotional front and has no plot at all. The hero introduction and the mass shootings were boring to the viewers in the initial phase. Therefore, there is no plot in the first half at all. Despite being dragged without cause, they still look excellent on Sudheer.

The filmmaker made a choice to highlight Sudheer in a way that appeals to a wide audience, which is admirable in theory but appears excessive in practice. It was unnecessary to elevate the hero in so many situations, and the audience became bored as a result.

The film has no surprises, and the real narrative is paper thin. The reason why the heroine falls for an immoral hero and goes wild for him is not properly defined. Key to the story is the heroine's father, and the actor picked is quite uninteresting. The major antagonist is the same way.

The finale is also hurried, and the court scenes eventually come off as just ridiculous. The first half of the movie is completely lighthearted.

Technical Elements

As was previously stated, Bheems' BGM (background music) and the main tracks are both great. The locations for the songs, as well as the dance, were amazing. Along with the high production standards, the dialogue and camerawork were also well done.

Regarding the film's direction, Rajasekhar did an average job since his narration lacks flair. He pays considerable attention to music, dancing, and fighting while the rest is thrown to the wind. The lack of any passion in the movie and its mediocre supporting cast ruin it.

Movie Budget and Box Office Collection

Overall, the budget for the movie was around three crores. It should have earned a gross of 4.5 Crore to be called a hit film. Let's now look at the numbers:

Box Office Collection (India)
Opening Day 1.02 CR.
Total Collection 6.88 CR.
Box Office Collection (Worldwide)
Total Collection 7.33 CR.

With this collection amount, we can say that the film performed well and attracted the audience to earn well.

Final Judgement

The film is counted as a Hit according to the statistical data, but as a viewer, it could be made better. From the audience's point of view, this was another failed attempt by Sudheer to establish himself as the main protagonist (hero). The film takes you back in time while also conjuring up similar themes and subplots from a number of films released in the early 2000s. Gaalodu and the audience suffered greatly from a lack of novelty and poor execution.

Awards and Nominations

The movie has yet to earn any awards due to the lack of an interesting storyline. Still, it has been nominated for the Nandi Awards, FNCC Telugu Film Awards, MAA TV Cine Awards, Filmfare Awards - Telugu, and Santhosham Film Awards.

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