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Gamanam movie review


The movie 'Gamanam' is an Indian Telegu-Language released on 10 December 2021. It is an anthology film (which means a collection of several short films, all complete in their own context but often related to themselves based on themes or other common links) written and directed by the debut director and writer Sujana Rao with its production done by Ramesh Karutoori, Venki Pushadapu, and Gnana Shekar V.S under the two banners namely, the Kria Film Corp and Kali Productions.

The star cast of the movie includes Shriya Saran, Priyanka Jawalkar, and Siva Kandukuri along with other names such as Suhas, Charuhasan, Nithya Menen, and so on. The dialogues in the movie are written by Sai Madhav Burra. Gamanam is an uneven film with some parts that are enjoyable and others that leave you hungry and excited to watch more. In the movie, six people's lives in the city alter simultaneously as it is being devastated by floods.


The movie was launched in Telugu on December 10. It was made available on Amazon Prime Video in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada on March 1, 2021.


Gamanam, directed by Sujana Rao, is her first feature film. It follows the lives of regular people, exposing their courage, beauty, and purity. Additionally, because the movie is an anthology, the inexperienced writer must give each character a fulfilling journey and provide satisfying resolutions for each of them. Although the floods served as the story's "conflict," the way these people are developed makes subtle comments on privilege, gender, socioeconomic inequality, and, most crucially, hope.

Gamanam movie review

The film's central theme is hope, which brings cheer to the otherwise gloomy lives of the characters. Kamala (Shriya Saran) is a hard-of-hearing tailor who works in a sweatshop producing enormous quantities of garments and has a child to take care of. Even though she hasn't heard from her husband since he departed for Dubai, she hopes that one day she will be able to hear from him again. She is also waiting for him to come home. Even though his grandpa (Charu Hassan) thinks he should become a doctor like his late father, Ali (Shiva Kandukuri) works hard at cricket and aspires to play for Team India eventually. His beloved Zara (Priyanka Jawalkar), hopes for a beautiful life with Ali despite growing up in a repressive house. Two young rag collectors who reside in a waste yard; labor at a birthday celebration in the hopes of earning enough money to attend a puttinaroju. Even though he doesn't remember his birthdate, the younger of the two wants a " topi-shaped" cake.

All of them are frequently urged to reject their optimism, despite the hopes they all have. They are all connected by a city drenched in relentless rain which is not anything lovely or romanticized but instead very troublesome. They are all struggling to keep afloat physically and metaphorically. Sujana does an excellent job developing the characters before the action picks up. She might take her time, which can irritate some viewers, but it's necessary if you want to care about these folks when they eventually find themselves in waist-deep water. Additionally, it helps that every one of the principal performers does their best to embody these ordinary folks.

At the film's ending, Sujana says she was motivated to make this film after experiencing Hyderabad's disastrous flooding. And since that is the narrative she wants to present, it would be unrealistic to anticipate anything 'entertaining' from this story. However, specific sequences lack the emotional impact they need and leave you wanting more. She even gives away some of the movie's finest lines in the trailer, leaving one to wonder if she should have left them for the actual movie to have the desired effect. The parallels between some of the tunes and 'Vedam' or 'Kaaka Muttai's' setup or playing style but the similarities end there. Ilaiyaraaja's score for the film could be better.

Gnana Shekar's camerawork, however, makes the movie worthwhile. He does a fantastic job of bringing watchers into the setting where these folks live. He takes his time discovering beauty even in something tragic, much as Sujana spends her time savoring the sweet nothings. Shriya Saran is given a role that requires her to perform, and she embraces the part like a veteran. She demonstrates why she is ideal for the character in the sequences where she initially hears with a hearing aid and when she discovers the truth about her husband. Ali, a young guy who only wants to follow his passion and please his grandfather, is given life by Shiva Kandukuri. He shares some of his most excellent sequences with Charu Haasan, who is equally impressive on screen.

Priyanka Jawalkar's character is given the short end of the stick, but she does her best. The audience might have their hearts stolen by the actors who played the rag-pickers, and one would feel a knot in their throat. Raj Kandukuri, Nithya Menen, Bithri Sathi, and Suhas all make effective cameos.

Gamanam might only be a movie for a certain type of audience and there is a chance it might not appeal to everyone. This is not the movie for someone who gets impatient unless the movie is "fast-paced" and has masala moments. Even if Sujana's first movie isn't perfect, it's still worth seeing if one enjoys this kind of filmmaking.


Gamanam, directed by Sujana Rao, is a film that follows six people's lives as they face floods in their city. The film explores the courage, beauty, and purity of these characters, while also addressing issues of privilege, gender, and socioeconomic inequality. The central theme is hope, which brings cheer to gloomy lives. The film's characters are well-developed, with Ali, a young man, being given life by Shiva Kandukuri, and Zara, his beloved, the hard-of-hearing housewife played by Shriya, and so on. However, some sequences lack emotional impact, leaving viewers wanting more. This movie is worth a watch for someone who has been hoping for Tollywood to convey heartfelt tales.


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