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GATE Preperation

Here, we present a simple and achievable preparation plan and tips that will ensure success in the GATE examination. GATE exam is the not just entrance test for admission in higher education, but it is also a way to success in the PSU recruitment. The well-prepared candidates will make it pass the qualifying stage. Take a look below on the simple but detailed steps on how to prepare for GATE examination.

1. Begin the preparation

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - Walt Disney

The initial step is to get the information which you need before making a plan and then begin the actual preparation. The first thing is to know the GATE eligibility criteria. Check if you fulfill the criteria and can appear for the exam. What you become tomorrow depends on how you start today. So, you have to consider every day to be a new one and ensure that no day is wasted either.

"One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation." - Arthur Ashe

2. Know your GATE Syllabus, Exam Pattern thoroughly

Know the GATE Syllabus: Indian Institutes of Technology has released the syllabus for GATE 2019. Candidates can refer to the GATE syllabus of their prescribed branch to know the topics which they have to prepare on. The GATE 2019 syllabus is provided topic wise detailed for each of the enrolled papers in GATE examination.

Know the GATE Exam Pattern: Understanding the GATE exam pattern helps in your preparation. There is a total of 65 questions which will be asked for 100 marks in the form of MCQs. The GATE paper also includes the compulsory sections which differ for some papers. The GATE exam pattern can be summarised in two ways:

  1. Multiple Choice questions (MCQs)
  2. Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions

3. Know the Weightage of Topics in GATE

Covering the entire topics of GATE 2019 Syllabus is necessary. However, we can choose which sections, and topics are much more important regarding weightage score. This allows you to focus on these topics more as compared to the others topics. Many GATE exam toppers have provided tips to which exercise be undertaken first. You can also check the past five year GATE question papers for your preparation.

4. Make your Study Plan for GATE

It is essential to make a study plan and timetables for doing something. It is good to have a broad understanding of how to prepare for GATE exam and to go with the flow.

Points to remember in formulating the GATE Preparation plan:

  • Analysis the past year papers and examination.
  • Divide the Topics into Strong, Weak and read-only terms.
  • Keep daily, weekly and monthly targets.
  • Make Short Notes while you study that will be helpful during revision.
  • Formulate the topics that you find difficult to remember so that they are handy for revision.
  • Don't wait to complete the whole syllabus. Start doing practice with test papers as soon as you are done a section or topic.

5. Which Books & Resources to use for GATE Preparation?

During the preparation of GATE exam, it is essential to check which books should be referred and prepare from. It would be your textbooks or the books suggested by the toppers that are very comprehensive with regard to the subject matter. Therefore, it is advisable first to check the book list and select the correct books before starting the preparation.

6. Focus on Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude

These are the two important sections in cracking the GATE exams. They constitute for 30 marks of the paper. These two sections are generally said to be easy because both covers basic topics that can be covered with other subject topics.

7. Strengthen your concepts and calculations

During studying, do a practice to understand and strengthen your conceptual knowledge as well as improve your calculations skills at the same time. The conceptual understanding will help you when you are not sure about an answer but can figure it out based on your understanding of the topics.

The virtual calculator is a mandatory feature of the GATE exam, but it is important to understand and use unlike the physical calculator which is a device whose usage is mastered in the graduation. The excellent calculation skills will hold you in the right place in the actual exam when speed is of the essence.

8. Revise and evaluate yourself

It is important to remember all that you had learned. Therefore, revision is a mandatory step that you should put in your GATE preparation plan. It is also essential to evaluate yourself at the end of every topic you complete. This will enhance your understanding level of preparation for GATE examination.

During preparation, try to test yourself after learning the subject. If you find any doubts, then it should be cleared during this period. Once your preparation on the subject is strong, you can start to revise the subject. While revising, make reference or short notes on those topics which you feel to need re-brush before the exam. GATE is all about proper preparation. If you do your preparation as planned, there is no reason why you won't crack it.

9. Work for efficient Time Management

The time management is an important part of your plan on how to prepare for GATE examination. Divide the time that left in GATE exam in different stages like first revision, second revision and so on. If you don't seem to have done very well at any stage, then don't be panic. You have just to follow your plan and work towards achieving it.

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