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Difference between Gelato and Sorbet

During hot summer weather, most of us look for ways to cool down. Some prefer to visit hill stations and some simply turn to cold and frozen delights. Choosing cold treats is a wise move as you can satisfy your cold cravings without living the comfort of your home. There are plenty of delicious frozen desserts out of which we are going to discuss the gelato and sorbet in order to know how they differ from each other and which one is the healthiest!


Gelato is one of the common frozen desserts consumed during hot summer weather. Like ice cream, it is made from egg yolks, sugar, milk and various flavoring agents. Despite, it shares most of the ingredients with ice cream it is denser and smoother than ice cream.

Gelato contains more milk but less cream than ice cream, however, it is high in fat and calories than sorbet. The preparation of gelato involves churning it in machines and allowing less air to let in to give it a fluffy texture and to make it dense. It is consumed in small portions as it is very creamy. Furthermore, it is rich in calcium as it has milk as one of its major ingredients.


Sorbet is a frozen dessert which is made from sugar,sweetened juice and flavored water. Sometimes, alcohol can be added to it to reduce the icy texture. It does not contain milk and cream. If one adds milk or fat in any form to the fruit-based sorbet, it is called sherbet.Its preparation involves churning it in an ice-maker machine with a little aeration.

It does not contain fat and low in calories. However, it is not suitable for people who are allergic to sugar as it is high in sugar so its consumption may increase the blood sugar levels.It is also low in nutrition as it lacks the dairy-based ingredients that makes it deficient in calcium. Sorbet can be prepared from a variety of fruits and flavoring agents, i.e. its ingredients are not fixed.

Based on the above information, some of the key differences between gelato and sorbet are as follows:

Gelato Sorbet
It is a frozen dessert made of milk, cream, egg yolk, sugar and flavoring agents. It is a frozen dessert made of sweetened fruit juice, flavoured water and a variety of other ingredients.
It is high in fat and calories than sorbet. It is low in fat and calories than Gelato.
It is rich in calcium as it contains milk. It is deficient in calcium as it lacks milk and other dairy-based ingredients.
It contains less sugar than sorbet. It contains more sugars than gelato.
It is suitable for people who want to avoid sugar such as diabetics. It is good for people who want to avoid fat and calories in order to reduce weight.
It is churned at low speed so that the finished product contains less air and has dense and fluffy texture. It is generally prepared with an ice cream maker at relatively higher speed and allowing little air.
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