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Gender vs Sex

The words "Gender" and "Sex" are generally used interchangeably. Sometimes, it is very confusing to understand exactly what is the difference between them? How to use these words in sentences? Which one is the better substitute? All these questions occur in mind. But, there is a solution. Although, gender and sex are closely related terms but there are some differences between them.


It refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that are considered appropriate for men and women by the society. It can be categorized in 2 types.

  • Masculine
  • Feminine


It refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women. It also can be categorized in 2 types.

  • Male
  • Female

Let's take examples of "gender" characteristics:

  • In USA and most of the other countries women earn less money than men for the similar work.
  • Women are not allowed to drive car in Saudi Arabia.
  • Most of the Indian women are housewives.
  • Nursing is seen as a woman's job.
  • Almost a century ago, women are not allowed to vote in elections.
  • Women in USA are more independent, compared to Pakistan.

These are examples of "sex" characteristics:

  • Females can get pregnant and give birth to a child, males can?t.
  • Males have deeper voice than female.
  • Male newborns having more weight than female newborns.
  • Males have a different body structure than female.
  • Average males are generally taller than average females.

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